Monthly Archives: March 2011

The rise of clip culture

or… or… why we love ‘Charlie Bit My Finger – again’ The most viewed video on YouTube has been watched nearly 295 million times. But it’s not a sports event, Justin Bieber video or dancing cat. It’s a home video about a small boy having his finger bitten by his younger brother. ‘Charlie bit my finger – again!’ has been read more

The 2012 Games in London

With London 2012 Olympics tickets now available, and with exactly 500 days to go, we thought we’d have a retrospective look at our involvement in the Games to date. Here at Dreaming Fish we’ve been very fortunate to have been associated with activity relating to the 2012 Games since before the succesful bid announcement. We’ve had a long association with the read more

Can TV help children read?

Dreaming Fish Productions has just finished two weeks of filming at Lawford Mead Infant and Nursery School in Chelmsford. This was part of a project to help raise the awareness of reading with both children and parents. The innovative approach to link reading and video was suggested by Headteacher Janette Quinn and the project was funded by the Royal read more

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