How to Plan a Video Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide

Use your video right: have a strong video strategy.


At DreamingFish we believe wholeheartedly in the power of video, and we want to help you flourish and grow with the use of an effective video strategy. If you’re thinking about applying a more strategic approach to the use of video, you might want to consider the following video strategy.

What objectives do you want to achieve?

Video is a great tool for engaging people and encouraging them to act. For this reason, it can act as an amazing method of leading people through your sales funnel. Video also performs best when it attempts to do just one job. For example, a video ad on Facebook could push people to your website, where another video encourages them to get in touch, at which point a sales rep could send a personalised video voicemail, and so on. A strategic marketer will identify as many points as possible in the sales funnel to use video.

How will you make sure your video is watched?

A video is only as good as the views it is getting. It’s not enough to just get it made and leave it unfindable on your company’s neglected YouTube channel. Like driving people to your website, or having a billboard ad in a busy area, you have to make sure people are seeing your video. For this reason, you should plan where your video will ideally be watched (your website, social channels, digital display advertising etc.) and then focus some time and resource into driving people to that place. The trick is driving the right people towards your video to make sure it’s leading people through your buying journey.

How will you measure each video’s effectiveness?

Video metrics tell us a huge amount about how a video is performing. It also allows us to see where we might be able to make videos perform better. Video metrics come in all shapes and sizes, from view count and play duration, to website dwell time and call-to-action engagement. Having a clear objective from the outset will make it easier to pick which metrics to track, and in turn, make it easier to prove a return on your investment.

Develop a video brand.

The videos you create should feel like a continuous extension of your other marketing channels. This refers both to design style and quality. Nothing is more jarring for a customer than a video that feels shoddily made and completely off brand. Whether you’re working with an agency or producing content in-house (or both), make sure all of your video content accurately represents your brand. If you are concerned about continuity perhaps consider producing a video brand guideline.

Use clear calls-to-action.


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