Brexit: The Way Forward following the EU Referendum

On Friday morning, following the EU Referendum result, we were watching the news and my six year old asked “Daddy, will we need to leave our house now?” My eight year old then asked “Daddy, will there be a war?”

Whilst we truly hope neither of these outcomes come to pass, we are now entering into an uncertain future.

However you voted, and whatever your thoughts on the outcome, we are truly lucky to live in a democracy and to have a voice. The majority has spoken, and it is now up to us to be calm as we shape the future, and not to lose our heads to fear and recriminations.

I for one remain a proud European, and I speak for all of us at Dreaming Fish Productions when I say that nothing will change in the way that we act, work and look after our staff and clients, be they in the UK, Europe or beyond.

Our future may be uncertain, but we have it within us to control how we respond and it is now up to every one of us to create a successful future for our families, businesses and country, as we carve a new role for ourselves on the world stage.

One Response to “Brexit: The Way Forward following the EU Referendum”

  1. Well said.
    Life is never meant to be easy and certainly never was for many a generation before us. So, things will change and we have to adapt and change with them or fall behind.
    Words of disappointment and anger is wasted energy and an energy which could be better used and saying “right where do we go from here and how do we make things better”
    Let’s go forth on this new journey and prove we deserve the word ‘great’ in Great Britain!
    … does anyone know how we do that yet though?? 😉

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