The Origin of Animation

From the dawn of civilisation to 1990! If a picture says a thousand words then how many words does a moving picture say? And what about a moving picture that displays the impossible: a mouse working on a steamboat, a talking bunny outsmarting his adversaries, or a Stone Age family with a pet dinosaur? Without read more

Press Release: New Creative Hub for Woking

Although at first glance Woking may not appear to the outside world to be a creative hotspot, take a journey along the cultural trail from the town centre, past the Lightbox, Pegasus sculpture and the cutting edge architecture of the WWF building and you’ll find yourself in Horsell, where a creative community has recently sprung read more

Video SEO: What, why and how?

If you have a website, you’ll be hard pushed not to come across the term ‘SEO’. But what is it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation: optimising your online content in order for it to rank higher on search engines. And ‘video SEO’ is exactly that, only specifically optimising video for search engines.

What’s your favourite animated film?

There’s really something incredible about how a group of artists can cause us to feel emotions, effectively by doing no more than flicking a series of illustrations before our eyes. With this in mind, we asked our clients, staff and friends what their favourite animated film is… and this is what they said.

Video – The media of the future

The possibilities of communicating with your clients and staff with the use of video are greater than ever before. With video you can enhance your website and make your marketing more effective, which in turn will boost your sales and your business. This article looks at just why you need video on your website.

People gather around content…

Our intern, Calvin, made this throwaway comment a few weeks ago in one of the blogs he wrote for us and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since! He didn’t claim the quote as his own, but I still think it is one of the most insightful comments I have heard in read more

Generation Y, Scott Pilgrim and audience attention spans

Generation Y, which could be described as the “Bored now…” generation, can be characterised in part by short attention spans, hence the demand for tightly edited, focussed, highly relevant pieces of content. Brevity rules. (Music! Lolcats! Squirrel! Okay, coherency can be good too.) But as a content producer/creator, how do you tailor your work to read more

Dreaming Fish productions – Review of 2011

In what proved to be a great year for Dreaming Fish where we filmed in 4 different continents, we’ve just reviewed our Facebook entries for 2011 and picked out our top 5 moments (in reverse order): 5. The launch of our new website. 4. The animation for Harrods. Reviewing the Harrods animation whilst filming on read more

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