Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Whether you’re making the most of the long weekend with a trip away, or you’re just looking forward to putting your feet up at home, we hope you have an egg-cellent Easter weekend.

What Just Happened?

Want to know what more about us and what we do? Here’s 30 seconds in the life of Dreaming Fish: a creative video content agency. Warning: video contains flashing images.

It’s Pancake Day!

It’s Pancake Day and here at DreamingFish we’ll be celebrating by undertaking a little competition in the office. To kick off…here’s our favourite pancake recipe: 100g plain flour 2 eggs 300ml milk Mix, add a little butter to a pan, heat and cook to golden brown!! Yum! But what about if you’re a vegan?? Here’s what our Hannah is doing today: read more

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