HomeNoir | Hybrid animated explainer

Hybrid 2D/3D animated explainer showcasing Home Noir’s membership services. Produced, designed and animated Dreaming Fish Productions.


2D animation with 3D elements

Our mission for HomeNoir was to create an explainer animation for their new membership organisation. The video had to explain the services that HomeNoir offers through its bespoke membership organisation and digital token. The video would also need to be hosted and used on the HomeNoir website as well as featured on their YouTube channel.

Considering the creative and interesting design of the HomeNoir logo itself, we felt that this explainer would work well as a 2D animation with 3D elements (hybrid). We created the HomeNoir logo as a 3D model using a texture, giving a similar aesthetic to a stroke of paint from an artist’s paintbrush. This 3D model was then animated in a way to make it look as if the word ‘noir’ itself was being painted directly into the video. 

We then incorporated 2D painted elements into the rest of the video as transitions between the 3D elements in order to really make the additional 3D elements pop and stand out. During the explainer segments of this video, we used dots and patterns to detail the HomeNoir service and deliver information to the audience in a way that was made easier to understand and digest. The final video resulted in a beautiful-looking explainer animation that we’re really proud of!

Home Noir


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