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There’s a wide range of uses for video within the legal sector. Whether you need to create online video updates for clients, videos for recruitment or onboarding or a brand film for your company, DreamingFish can help.

DreamingFish have created videos for a range of legal companies including a series of short films for the solicitors firm Irwin Mitchell. We work with you to tailor our approach to your requirements and budget to ensure you get the very best result and return for your investment. Everything we do is results focused and we ensure that we communicate clearly and consistently throughout the project.

Our creative in-house team have over 50 years of film and animation experience between them and have provided a wide range of videos for businesses, firms, and organisations across the country.If you would like some more examples of what we can bring to your legal video production, head over to our portfolio! Over the years, we are proud to have won a series of awards for our work, including:

  • My Identity Centauri Award: Vega Awards
  • Connected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards
  • Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Awards

Once you’ve been in touch with us, we’ll set up an online meeting or a phone call with you. This will mark the start of the process and it’ll give us time to get to know you better as a client, to introduce ourselves, and to start discussing what you need in greater detail.

Our production process is simple, fun and engaging. Together with you, we will work to ensure all major USPs and benefits are shown. We capture every unique aspect of your company to ensure the best representation of your business values and team are presented to any potential new clients. We’ve adapted our services to give our clients the opportunity to learn and engage with the production process, and we want you to feel as though you’re receiving the high quality video content you need in return.

How Much Will Your Services Cost?

Our production costs will vary, depending on a number of different factors. These normally revolve around choices made early on in the production process, from what you’d like to go in your ad to achieve your goal, to the size of the crew you’ll need, to any particular location you’d like to shoot. 

However, there is no need to worry about just being saddled with a bill at the end of the process; we’ll discuss your budget with you in the early stages of planning to find the balance which suits you best. A final quote will then be given after the work has been completed and you’re ready to share it online or show it to customers. Get in touch with us today so we can start working on your video project!

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To see how we can help with your video project, get in touch with us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form.

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