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3D animation is a great way to promote your product, service or business in a way that2D animationorlive-actionvideo just can’t match. Here at DreamingFish, we have a very talented team of creative 3D animators who have experience in 3D modelling and texturising. We can model real-life environments, create unique fantasy worlds and realistically model and animate your products to create engaging and exciting videos for use on TV commercials, presentations or across social media platforms. Over the years, we have created many 3D animations for a range of our national and global clients including Network Rail, Panasonic Avionics and ForgeRock. Interested in using 3D animation for your business? Why notcontact us todayto see how we can help elevate your digital marketing plan?

3D home noir


How does 3D animation work?

The process for creating 3D animation is very similar to that of 2D animation. One of the major differences is the design stage. Much more time is needed to plan design, model and rig the products, characters and/or environments that are needed. Once the design stage is complete, we then move onto storyboarding and at this stage, we often create a more detailed board which will include designs that will feature in the final animation. Once design and storyboarding is complete, the animation stage can start. After this, the process of rendering begins and the time required for this can vary depending on the complexity of the animation. This process can often take days rather than hours, but the finished result is truly astonishing! A stalwart of 2D animation is After Effects but for 3D animation, these often include Cinema 4D (which is what we use at DreamingFish), Maya and 3D Studio Max along with many more.

Why choose 3D animation over 2D?

From photo-realistic products to environments you can only imagine, 3D animation can take you places where 2D animation just can’t! Being able to model and then animate your products allows you to do things with them that you can’t with live-action or 2D animation. Think about TV commercials for make-up, electrical, food or household products for example, chances are these products are actually animated in 3D! Pretty cool, right? And it’s not just useful for products, we’ve created 3D animated videos that explain how to connect to wifi on a plane, portray the benefits of a piece of software or bring a 2D logo to life. The uses for 3D are really endless!

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Why choose DreamingFish?

Combined, the DreamingFish team has over 50 years of experience in the video and animation industry. We’ve used our practised knowledge and skill to provide a wide range of videos for businesses, companies, and organisations across the country and globally. If you’d like to see some examples of what we can do for your business, head over to ourportfolioto watch some of our videos. We are passionate about producing exceptional work, and we want you to have fantastic video content that becomes a call to action for your target audience. We’ll work closely with you to make the right video content for you; from the early stages of planning and script writing to the final stages of post-production. Check out a 3D/2D explainer animation we created for Brighton-based company, dataJAR below:


Watch our 3D animation examples

Home Noir | Explainer video

Jiminny | Deal Insights explainer

ForgeRock | GDPR Explainer video

Panasonic Avionics | IFE Advert

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