Case Study | BTA Promotional Video

Multiple promotional videos showcasing IT services provider BTA. Filmed by video production company DreamingFish.  Multiple Bold Promotional Videos for BTA Our mission with the BTA promotional video was to create a promo for an IT services supplier. They had a more restricted budget for this content, however, they also wanted lots of content.  So, we

Case Study | Reward Gateway Key Summit Film

Key summit event filmed in London for RewardGateway to provide quality video assets for future and present use. Filmed by video production company DreamingFish. RewardGateway Filming During Key Summit Event Our mission from Reward Gateway was to film their key Summit event and provide quality video assets for use within the event itself.  This was

Case Study | Dynavics Live Action Testimonial Video

Multiple live-action promotional videos designed on behalf of London-based company Dynavics. Includes testimonials and more filmed by DreamingFish video production company. Testimonial Promotional Video for Dynavics Our mission from Dynavics was to create various promotional videos for their company. This included customer testimonials, recruitment videos, and even CSR video footage. Dynavics was really excited and

Case Study | Cardiff-Based SA Partners Promotional Film

Live-action Promotional Video for SA Partners Filmed in Cardiff The brief for our film for SA Partners was to create a promotional film with the purpose of updating their brand image and bringing it more in line with their current brand values and mission. During the initial filming stages of this project, we decided it

Case Study | London-Based Shoot for BNP Paribas

London-based BNP Paribas live-action explainer-style film detailing the key aspects of a report for use during a London-based event. Filmed by DreamingFish video production company. BNP Paribas Live-action Explainer Video Filmed in London Our brief from BNP Paribas was to create a live-action explainer-style film describing the key points of a new property report, all

Case Study | Stylish GHX Style Lookbook Video

Short live-action lookbook video for London-based activewear brand GHX Style featuring Georgia Harrison. Filmed in London by video production company DreamingFish. GHX Style Lookbook Video Filmed in Urban London Warehouse This short video was to be used as a social media promotional video for the activewear brand GHX Style. The video featured Love Island’s Georgia

Case Study | Animated DataJAR Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos for Brighton-based DataJAR detailing the various services available. Designed in DreamingFish’s Surrey-based studio. DataJar Animated Service Explainer Video  Our brief from dataJAR was to create an animated explainer video which showcased the various dataJAR services on offer and available on the dataJAR website. We first looked at the dataJAR website and its

Case Study | HomeNoir Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer video showcasing London-based HomeNoir membership services. Filmed in video production company DreamingFish Surrey studio. Animated Explainer Video for HomeNoir Our mission for HomeNoir was to create an explainer animation for their new membership organisation. This animated explainer video explains the services that Home Noir offers through its membership organisation and digital token, and

Case Study | ForgeRock Live Action Digital Marketing

London-based company ForgeRock brand film showcasing the importance of managing your digital identity. Filmed in London by video production company DreamingFish. ForgeRock Digital Marketing Live-action Video  This brand film for ForgeRock showcases the importance of managing digital identity. Our mission here was to create a brand and manifesto film for ForgeRock to use at the

Case Study |SuRF UK 2D Animated Video

Animated explainer video explaining sustainable remediation created on behalf of London-based SuRF UK by video production company DreamingFish.  SuRF UK 2D Animated Video Case Study SuRF UK enlisted the expertise of DreamingFish to create an animated explainer video in order to effectively explain the sustainable remediation services offered through SuRF UK. Although the video was

Top Tips, Episode 4

On the fourth episode, our Creative Director Helen, shares her 3 tips on coming up with the big idea. Helen has 20 years experience working in broadcast television, spending 10 years at ITV and subsequently working at Sky and Discovery!

Explainer Videos Explained!

Animated videos are a really effective tool that businesses should consider having in order to enhance their digital marketing strategies. Not only do they apply motion to your visual story, but they also work to attract the attention and maintain the focus of your target audience in an engaging and comprehensive way. Read on to find out more!