Case Study | Animated DataJAR Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos for Brighton-based DataJAR detailing the various services available. Designed in DreamingFish’s Surrey-based studio. DataJar Animated Service Explainer Video  Our brief from dataJAR was to create an animated explainer video which showcased the various dataJAR services on offer and available on the dataJAR website. We first looked at the dataJAR website and its

Case Study | HomeNoir Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer video showcasing London-based HomeNoir membership services. Filmed in video production company DreamingFish Surrey studio. Animated Explainer Video for HomeNoir Our mission for HomeNoir was to create an explainer animation for their new membership organisation. This animated explainer video explains the services that Home Noir offers through its membership organisation and digital token, and

Case Study | ForgeRock Live Action Digital Marketing

London-based company ForgeRock brand film showcasing the importance of managing your digital identity. Filmed in London by video production company DreamingFish. ForgeRock Digital Marketing Live-action Video  This brand film for ForgeRock showcases the importance of managing digital identity. Our mission here was to create a brand and manifesto film for ForgeRock to use at the

Case Study |SuRF UK 2D Animated Video

Animated explainer video explaining sustainable remediation created on behalf of London-based SuRF UK by video production company DreamingFish.  SuRF UK 2D Animated Video Case Study SuRF UK enlisted the expertise of DreamingFish to create an animated explainer video in order to effectively explain the sustainable remediation services offered through SuRF UK. Although the video was

Case Study | Taggstar Sexy Sizzle

Check out this sexy sizzle film we created for Social Proof experts, Taggstar. A short, engaging, punchy video with animated text and stock, takes viewers on a journey through social proof!

Let Life Happen | John Lewis Advert

The retail giant released a home insurance advert which caused quite the stir, but perhaps not for the reasons John Lewis had originally intended…

Case Study | Video Production in Kent

On Location in Kent Kent is well known for its stunning beaches, dramatic castles and sleepy villages, but it’s also the home to a forgotten industrial heritage, perfect as a dramatic shoot location. We were approached by UPG to create two promo videos for their client Rochester Drinks. The promos would consist of a workout

Case Study | Video Production in Bristol

Where It All Began Bristol has long held a special place in the hearts of the DreamingFish team as it’s the home to one of our very special clients, ForgeRock; a multinational identity and access management software company. The ForgeRock founders met at Sun Microsystems in Norway and started the company on a kitchen table

Leaving the Tarmac | Case Study

Leaving The Tarmac: Buying a Bank in Africa is a financial thriller written by Aig Aig-Imoukhuede about his struggles as well as his path to success. Aig-Imoukhuede and Wigwe bought Access Bank in 2002 and it was one of the smallest and most crisis-prone banks in Nigeria. Their ultimate goal was to build it into

Case Study | Gino D’Acampo in Ascot

Vorwerk are a German-based company that creates high-quality cooking and cleaning appliances. They approached us back in 2019 when they were in need of some training videos for their Thermomix.  DreamingFish created a series of training videos that are used to help guide the staff through a successful Thermomix demo session with potential customers.   This

Video for Business | Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator

Partners of Nordic Eye, Nordic Eye Sales Accelerator (NESA) are a UK based sales team who put their hearts into helping startup’s exceed sale expectations across the UK and Denmark. Heath Williams, founder of NESA, got in touch with DreamingFish earlier this year because he wanted to share all his knowledge, experiences and entrepreneur journey