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City Secrets 🤫

Ever wondered what some of London’s secrets are? In Episode 5 of City Life, we take you on a journey and share some of the capital’s hidden gems. We head to a quirky restaurant, meet a Southbank busker and visit a secret cocktail bar hidden behind a Mac repair shop in Hackney! Get stuck into the five pillars below. Let’s reveal some of those secrets, shall we?👇🏼

• What’s good here? | Under the radar

Sometimes, the best places to eat at are in the least expected places and Kebab Queen in Covent Garden is a great example of this. Comedian Josh Weller takes us to the middle-eastern restaurant where he tries a delicious dish prepared by head chef and director of the restaurant, Manu Canales. Kebab Queen is located in the back basement room of Maison Bab and it’s iconic selling point is that customers eat straight off the warm counter…that’s right, no plates or cutlery allowed. Tempted to try this unique dining experience? Check out the amazing food! 😍



• Watch | Open House London

Open House is a festival which looks at celebrating some of London’s unique and iconic architecture and surrounding neighbourhoods. For two weeks, some of these buildings are open to the public where they get a special sneak-peak inside. In this pillar, we are shown around Dawson’s Heights by architect James Rixon who lives there himself! See what makes this place so intriguing here. 🏠

• Drink | Behind the secret door

Everyone loves a speakeasy, don’t they? In this pillar, we head to The Natural Philosopher with Corrin from Time Out to check out this cool bar which sits behind ‘The Macsmiths’ Mac repair shop on Hackney Road. Why not head down there for a cheeky cocktail? There’s lots to choose from!🍹⭐️

• Do | Hidden in plain sight

Do you know what a stink pipe is? Well, neither did we until we went on this shoot! Essentially, stink pipes or stench poles were installed around the city during The Great Stink in the summer of 1858 to provide ventilation for the stench of the capital. Stink pipes look a lot like street lamps and in this pillar, we go on the hunt for the most famous/exciting ones!

• Listen | Busker banter

We chat to London musician, Charlotte Campbell, by the river on the Southbank about her experiences of busking in the busy capital! Check out what she had to say here! 🎤🎸🎶



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