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Professionally Filmed Property Videos for Estate Agents 

In today’s estate agency market, people demand professional photos of the property as well as an immersive video tour to offer a more personal and accurate representation of their potential new property. Having an immersive property video can increase the chances of potential buyers arranging a viewing or even making an earlier offer (especially due to COVID restrictions). 

At DreamingFish, our experienced production team is able to create unique video tours for any property. Whether you’re letting or selling a commercial or residential space, we can send a small crew to assess the building and create a bespoke video tour that sheds light on all the main attractions and features of the property. We work with you to ensure that the end product offers an honest reflection and representation of the property to drive leads and sales. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can create a professional property video for you or estate agencies.

Why Do I Need a Property Video?

Property videos for both domestic and commercial properties allow viewers to grasp a better understanding of the property’s layout. It’s not uncommon for people to view photos of the property, arrange a viewing and then be let down by the size, scale and even quality of the property. Video allows for a more seamless and ‘real-time’ insight into the property’s dimensions. Additionally,  property videos are arguably now more important than ever due to the restrictions set in place by COVID-19.

During the pandemic, a lot of agencies were legally not allowed to provide traditional viewings, which led them to invest more in video tours. Now, regardless of the impacts of COVID, video tours are here to stay because they offer another viewing dimension for audiences, allowing them to make a better judgement before arranging a physical viewing. All this helps towards driving a sale. If customers only have a handful of photos and a floor plan as a reference point, they may think ‘we need to see it for ourselves!’. At least with video, you’re able to provide a fully transparent representation of the property and filter out the customers who would otherwise not be interested. 


How Our Property Video Process Works

Our production process is simple, fun and engaging. Together with you, we will work to ensure all major USPs and benefits are captured. Filming for estate agents and specifically properties can present challenges that only experienced filmmakers can tackle. We capture every unique aspect of the property and provide an immersive experience to provide potential buyers with the most accurate representation of the property.

We Also Offer 360 Video Tours

Using specialist cameras, DreamingFish can create virtual reality and 360 videos and animations which can be viewed in certain web browsers, on smartphones, tablets and in social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. We can even live stream your event in full 360 video so that people who can’t be there physically can still feel a part of it. Get in touch with our crew to learn more about how we can create an immersive video for your property or estate agency needs!

Let’s Get Started!

To learn more about how we can create the perfect property video for you, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form.


Do You Do Drone Filming?

Yes! If you’re selling or letting a large property that requires filming via a drone, this is something we can help with. Drone filming is typically used to highlight the fantastic location of the property and showcase the garden and outdoor areas.

Can I Have a Property Animation?

Absolutely! We have worked with property agencies who require an animation to showcase areas of the company that are harder to portray in a live action film. This may be to explain mortgages, shared ownership plans, statistics and figures. Check out our animation page to find out more.

Do Your Video Tours Come with Background Music?

They can do! We provide a full, end-to-end property videos for estate agents. From scripting and storyboarding to final animation and film delivery. Contact us today to chat about your new video project or if you are in need of any help or advice, we’d be happy to help!

How Is Your Property Video Service Priced?

As with any filmmaking project, the final cost depends on a number of factors. Once we have spoken with you and understand the type of video you’re looking for and your proposed budget, we will be able to provide you with a guide price. Before any price is agreed, we make sure that all your ideas have been taken into account and your voice heard. If you’re not sure what type of video you want, we can offer ideas to ensure the best ROI for your estate agency. You can tell us what your budget is and we will be able to tell you what we are able to offer you.

Can We Promote Your Videos on Our Social Media Channels?

Absolutely, once your estate agency video is completed, it’s yours to share and promote in any way you want. Your videos can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Do You Film Videos to Promote Estate Agencies as well?

Absolutely, once your estate agency video is completed, it’s yours to share and promote in any way you want. Your videos can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Get In Touch Today!

To see how we can help with your video project, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form.

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