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Event Video Production and Live Streaming Services

Record and share your event with the world with DreamingFish event video production and live streaming services. Our event video production and live streaming service ensures that the excitement from your event lasts more than just a day! 

And why only limit your messages to the people in the room? We can provide event video and live streaming services to broadcast your event across the internet so it can be viewed by those who can’t make it to the venue. This option is now a must-have in a post-COVID world to ensure your event can be viewed by those who were unable to attend due to ever-changing restrictions.

By using multi-camera set-ups and live vision mixing, we can create the ultimate live streaming event TV experience! Let’s face it, events are expensive to put on and once they are over, they’re over! Filming your event can ensure that the excitement of the day can be relived endlessly, as well as ensuring those keynote presentations can be replayed to staff and clients that couldn’t be present on the day. 

DreamingFish has been creating event video and live streaming events for over 10 years! We work closely with you in the run-up to your big day and when it comes to the live event, we are low key and unobtrusive so that we don’t interfere with the proceedings. Additionally, we are always ready to vox pop speakers and delegates as well as capture all the presentations and key moments. Our event video and live streaming services don’t stop there, we can also create exciting animated logos and videos to use in your presentations, as well as providing support in the creation of the presentation itself, along with the provision of the full range of AV services.

Events We Do

Our team at DreamingFish are able to attend any event (COVID-dependent) to capture high-quality videos that can be streamed live or viewed after the event has finished. Below are just a few of the live events we have filmed:

Corporate Event Videos

From morning seminars and interviews to full-day events, our corporate videos cover a wide variety of events to capture key messages to be shared with your audience. We create corporate videos for start-ups, SMEs and larger businesses looking to capture their events in real-time as well as having a copy to view after the event has finished.

Conference Event Videos

Whether you’re looking to film the entire conference for an in-depth viewing or you’re looking to capture the key points addressed, our event video production crew have you covered. With a specific focus on keynote speakers and audiences, your conference video will cover every aspect of your conference for a fully inclusive and immersive video experience. 

Launch Event Videos

Ideal for increasing brand awareness or gain momentum for a new product launch, we can capture the excitement and electricity of your launch event. Maybe you’re looking for a short, snappy video to be shared across your social media channels, or a longer video to headline your website or pitch to potential clients; we have the experience and technology to get your product noticed by the right people. 

Award Videos

Capture your company’s best achievements and proudest moments through a live-streamed video. Ideal for boosting brand awareness and highlighting your businesses’ successes for both internal and external promotion.

Publicity Event Videos

Video is now in higher demand than ever before, making filming your publicity event absolutely essential to ensure you’re reaching everyone who cannot attend. Boosting your business’s publicity and exposure is made easy through event video production. Our crew know how to keep viewers engaged and encourage social media shares to maximize your reach. 

Let’s Get Started!

To see how we can help capture your event, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form.

We Are Global

DreamingFish are an international event video production company that is capable of reaching you wherever you are! Our crew have travelled far and wide with our clients to capture their events in London, around the UK and across the globe including the United States and even Australia! Popular locations we have filmed events include:

• London
• Berlin
• Paris
• New York

San Francisco
• Sydney

Below is a great example of a highlights video that we produced for ForgeRock, an identity and access management software company headquartered in San Francisco. We have worked with them over many years and as a result, we have created some amazing videos for them!


View Examples

Reward Gateway | EnEx Awards 2019

GHX | Launch Event

ForgeRock | Austin Highlights

INSYNC Highlights

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