On the 10th May 2020, the Government announced that work that cannot be done at home can now take place as long as social distancing measures are put in place. This means that with careful planning we can begin to film live action video production projects once more whilst COVID-19 restrictions are still in place.

It’s All About Animation

The power of video is no secret and animation is a great way to get your messages out there! Whether you’re selling a product, service, software demo or app, animation and explainer videos are perfect for letting your customers know what you’re offering and how it works. Our talented in-house team will turn your script

Can’t Film? No Problem!

Sometimes getting a production team out to film can be tricky! But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other ways to create great video content; stock, animation, repurposing archive footage or even filming yourselves on your smartphone! Here’s a guide from our very own producer, Tom!

How Can a Video Elevate Your Pitch?

Go a step beyond the hard sell and make your pitch memorable with a pitch video or bid video. A successful pitch video brings your presentation to life in a way that PowerPoint can’t! Using video in a pitch or bid is a great way to help you stand out from the crowd, set the

Should You Be on TikTok?

TikTok is the new social media sensation that is sweeping the world. Developed by ByteDance, a $75B Chinese tech giant, TikTok already has over a billion active users and is growing exponentially. Predominantly used by a Gen Z audience, TikTok content consists of user-generated 15-second portrait videos. If you remember Vine, that’s pretty much TikTok…but

It’s About Giving Back

Here at DreamingFish, we think it is really important to play our part in our community both locally and globally, as well as tackle the big issue of climate change and environmental destruction. We are supporting WWF whose HQ is located just down the road here in Woking, TREE AID who work in Sub-saharan Africa

Merry Christmas 2019!

Merry Christmas to all our lovely clients and suppliers! We’ve had a great year and we cannot wait to work with you in the new year! Here’s to 2020!?

It’s Our 5th Birthday!

It’s our 5th Birthday! Although we have been trading for over 18 years, we officially became an incorporated company in 2014. Throughout the last 5 years we have doubled our staff count, extended our client list and worked with the most amazing people. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey, what

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween, watch The Chosen One…the shocking truth of a pumpkin’s fate!

Case Study | Reward Gateway SHRM Video

Reward Gateway works with leading companies from around the globe, helping to make the world a happier place to work through their employee engagement platform. This year, RG sponsored the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) event in Las Vegas. It’s an annual event that sees thousands of like-minded individuals from across the US come