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As you may know, September is commonly known as ‘blood cancer awareness month’ and every year, we take the opportunity to shine a light on all the fantastic work that Leukaemia UK have done in the past year. We are very proud to support such an incredible charity and we wanted to say a big thank you to the Leukaemia UK team for their continuous hard work and dedication to fighting the different types of leukaemia, which affects people of all ages across the country and worldwide.

What is blood cancer?

Blood cancer is a term that describes several different types of cancer that affect the blood cells. Most blood cancers begin in the bone marrow, the spongy material inside the bones, where new blood cells are produced. Blood cancer affects the production and function of blood cells.
– Leukaemia UK.

Did you know that in the UK, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 16 minutes? The team at Leukaemia UK, work very hard to support patients, and their loved ones, through the physical, psychological and emotional uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis. Despite treatment progress and ground breaking research, blood cancer is still sadly the UK’s third biggest cancer killer. Last year, we had the pleasure of interviewing Leukaemia UK’s newest ambassador, Saffron Vadher. Saffron was diagnosed with leukaemia at the early age of 4 and now, as a successful model, she’s working closely with the charity and sharing her story in the hopes of helping/supporting others who are going through a similar thing. “The advice I’d give to anyone who is worried about their child or someone they know having leukaemia is to just get it checked out early.”

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Saffron's Story cover

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Iona’s story

We’ve now worked with Leukaemia UK for over 5 years and within this time, we have created hundreds of videos (case studies, animated explainers, lab walkthroughs etc) which have helped raise awareness around the different types of blood cancers and the treatments available to their patients. During our ongoing partnership, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to some extremely brave patients. Check out Iona’s story below and if you’d like to read more stories, head over to patient archives on Leukaemia’s website.


How can you help?

This blood cancer awareness month, Leukaemia UK are collaborating with Leukaemia Care to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of leukaemia. Are you interested in learning more about the Spot Leukaemia Campaign? See how you can get involved today! As another year passes, we wanted to say a big thank you to Leukaemia UK for everything they do.🧡 #EarlyDiagnosisSavesLives.

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