What are animated videos and what are their benefits?

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Animated videos are, when used effectively, an effective instrument that can help to tell your video marketing story in a more comprehensive way. Not only do they apply motion to your visual story, but they also work to attract the attention and maintain the focus of your target audience. Although animations are a fantastic tool to have in your belt, they are not always the best choice in all circumstances; sometimes live-action video is better suited for the subject of your video, your audience, and your objectives.

Animated videos are videos created with original designs, drawings, illustrations, or computer-generated effects that are designed to move in eye-catching and captivating ways in a number of different artistic styles. Although some may integrate live-action video, the animated aspect does not require any live-action recordings to convey an idea or story when done effectively. Some different types of animated videos include, but are not limited to: 2D or 3D animation, character animations, stop-motion, kinetic typography, icon-based, whiteboard style animations and more! When it comes to choosing the approach for your video, one of the first questions to ask yourself is what the purpose of the video is – are you after an informative piece or a more promotional/teaser video? Where will these videos be shown? For example, if you’re a tech company who wants to shout about one of their new services, a dynamic demo video would work really well! However, if you’re a business that specialises in beauty products and you’re looking to showoff one of your new product lines – animation may not be the best option for you!


In our modern day and age, people’s attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, with a lot of us spending a less time on a video or website. Because of this, when it comes to creating video content, your audience needs to be hooked and engaged. When it comes to marketing, animated video is a lesser-known marketing instrument, so people have a greater chance of paying attention to one of these videos than a ‘traditional’ video. Animated video works in a way that evokes emotions that resonate with the viewer – sparking conversations and enticing your audience into following along with the story. 

If you’re in charge of planning a diverse range of deliverables for a content plan, the animation will always present itself as an elegant, cost-effective, and engaging alternative to the trials that come with live-action video production. Like motion graphics and videos infographics, animated explainer videos deliver a compelling way of telling your brand’s story to your target audience. This form of video content can allow you to do things that could never be done in the real world – at least not without breaking the bank! Because of this, animated video content is a popular medium for the following types of videos: explainer videos, instructional videos, product demos, corporate training videos etc.

How can animated videos enhance your marketing efforts, how can they help you to get your message across to your audience, and, most importantly, how can they benefit your business? Below, are five of the most important advantages that animated videos can provide for your brand, in our opinion:

•Succinct messaging: animated videos allow you to communicate exactly what it is you do, how your product works, and why it’s the best option on the market for your customers. All this can be put forward to your audience in just a couple of seconds.

•Greater online visibility: when it comes to marketing, animated video is a lesser-known marketing instrument, so people have a greater chance of paying attention to one of these videos than a traditional format.

•Enhanced brand awareness: using your brand’s colour palette will reinforce your brand identity, helping your viewers to identify that you are the company behind the proposal quicker than without brand colouring.

•Efficient calls to action: It is also super easy to add effective calls to action within animated videos. Do you want your viewers to buy a product, register their interest in an event, or even apply to be hired? An animated video gives you the opportunity to guide the narrative in the direction you want in a straightforward and compelling way.

•Sharable content: People enjoy sharing useful, attractive, and educational content with their own audiences. So having an attractive and informative piece of content that also lends itself into being easily shareable on social media platforms is yet another huge advantage to benefit from.

When it comes to the creation of animated videos, you need a team of talented artists to help you bring your vision to life. In order to create animated videos that truly captivate your audiences, all while getting your brand’s message across effectively, DreamingFish will work with you at every step of the production process. Check out our portfolio to see what we could do for you! Whether you’d rather sit down with us and chat over a coffee or if you’d prefer to bring your own over Zoom, get in touch with DreamingFish today!

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