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TV Commercial Production

Whether you’re looking for an animation or a live action video, we can offer a full end-to-end TV commercial production package here at DreamingFish.

Not only do we have an enthusiastic and experienced video production team, we also have creatives, designers and animators in-house who’ll be excited to work on your production. They’re ready and waiting to help out with expert advice and ideas that you can use to make your television advert just as you want it, whether you’re pushing products or services. We will help you manage the project on a schedule which suits your needs, from the initial idea, scripting, storyboarding, casting and production, right through to gaining approval through Clearcast and submission to the appropriate channel or platform.

We’ll also analyse your target audience to make sure the commercial gives you the return you’re looking for. As part of our production package, we can even help you with the media buying process through our network of partners! We have experience producing a range of ads for TV, cinema, and online services – from educational partners to engineering firms and more. Previous clients of ours include Gollgi, Hollywood BowlBone Idol and so much more! We would love to help you with yours and we are confident we can create the content that you need to boost your brand awareness across the whole of the UK. Please get in touch with us so we can discuss what you need for your TV commercial production project.

How We’ll Carry Out Your TV Advert Production

As soon as you get in touch with us, we’ll start the process off by setting up an initial meeting. This will happen online or over the phone, and it gives us a chance to introduce ourselves as a team while learning more about you and your brand. We’ll get the ball rolling by discussing your TV advert video project and find out your key messages and goals for your ad.

In these beginning stages of the pre-production process, we’ll work with you to explore the create concepts you could take to target your audience. This is when our creatives will step in to help by setting up a script, and they’ll be on hand to offer specialist input right up until the end of post-production. You’ll always be able to see where your investment’s going with our creative work, and you can always expect something high quality as a result! If your advert is an animation, our designers and animators will work closely with you on designs and storyboards to make sure your advert aligns perfectly with your brand. For live action adverts, one of our producers will work with you to come up with creative ideas and source locations, talents and everything you require before the filming day. You’ll even be invited to join us on set!

We’ve set out every part of our TV commercial production process to give you an opportunity to learn and engage, from the first moment we meet and begin working out all the details, right up to the final stages of editing and other parts of post-production you’ll be invited to give feedback and input to make sure you’re 100% happy. It’s important to us that you feel like you are getting the best return on investment and that we create great ad content for you that runs on schedule and budget! We’ll also be in constant communication with you throughout the work so that everything stays entirely on-brand and exactly as you have imagined it. Check out this advert we did for Bone Idol, a dog grooming parlour based in Brighton. We had lots of fun with this one and the advert was shown on SKY!


Create Your Ideal Commercial Content Today!

We love what we do and we want nothing more than to see your television ads turning your products and services into the next big thing with audiences. To make this happen, we’ll do everything we can to keep the work on-brand and exactly as you have asked.

Why Choose Us for TV Commercial and Advert Production in the UK?

Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience in Film and TV Production, Editing, and Animation. We’ve used these skills to create content for businesses globally, providing them with all different types of adverts to draw in a television audience and promote any product or service they need. You’ll be able to find a few examples of our TV commercials here on this page, but if you’d like to take a broader look at what we can do, please head over to our portfolio. We’ve even received a number of awards for our production services, including:

My Identity Centauri Award: Vega Awards
• Connected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards

• Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Awards

Learn More About Our Video Services

Are you in need of a TV Commercial? Get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form.


Why Do I Need TV Commercials?

You won’t find a better way of engaging an audience than video content, and getting your video content out to as many people as possible is made so much easier by putting it on television. Through TV video marketing and media buying we are able to target your audience by displaying your advert during shows that your audience are likely to watch. This is a great way to connect to a mass audience. We can even further target by taking your advert onto VOD (video on demand) which means we can also reach those who no longer watch TV live. When you choose us to make a fantastic TV commercial, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to create something that truly speaks to your target market. As a result, you’re guaranteed an on-brand advert that’s been put together using a range of expert filming styles and animation techniques.

How Much Will it Cost to Produce a TV Advert?

Our production costs will vary, depending on a number of different factors. These normally revolve around choices made early on in the production process, from what you’d like to go in your ad to achieve your goal, to the size of the crew you’ll need, to any particular location you’d like to shoot. 

During the initial talks stage of our work, including the conversations we’ll have about your project, your brief, and what you’d like to happen as a result of your commercial going out, our team will be able to put together a proposal for you. This will include reference videos and a full breakdown of an estimate. There’s also no need to worry about how your budget might be affected if anything changes during the work. We’ll make sure you’re aware of any additional costs that could come from this and are completely happy before we go ahead.

Are Your TV Commercial Production Services COVID-19 Friendly?

We’ve committed ourselves to keeping both our clients and our team safe in the time of the pandemic, and we’ve changed the way our services are carried out in order to make sure this happens. Every part of our work process has been adapted to make sure it’s following the most up-to-date guidelines and keeping to current regulations. To learn more, or to see a list of everything we’re doing to handle COVID-19 in our agency, please see our COVID-19 response.

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