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Presidential address case study video created for The Institution of Civil Engineers. Filmed, edited and produced by Dreaming Fish Productions.


The client

For over 200 years The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has provided engineering expertise, with a long tradition of instating a presidential figure head each year. We were asked to film the handover and introductory speech of the 2022-2023 president, Keith Howells. His presidential address would be 30 mins long and include several case studies and be shown at a global online event. Keith would also deliver the same speech with slides at a live event but this video was intended for the international audience who wouldn’t be able to attend in person.


The project: Presidential Address 2022

Whilst we waited for a filming date with Keith, we got started on the case study section of the main video to keep the project moving. We remotely recorded 3 interviews with speakers who had worked on projects based in Glasgow, Calcutta and Peru. The team at ICE prepped them with the relevant questions beforehand and we used a mixture of animation, archive and library footage (provided by ICE) to help tell their stories and show relevant information about each project, in more detail.

After we had a recce at the ICE Headquarters in London, we chose to film Keith’s interview in their impressive library as we felt it incapsulated the history and personality of the building. On the filming day, we got set up and loaded Keith’s 30 minute presidential address into the auto so we could start practising, making sure he was happy with the setup. As well as Keith’s interview, The Presidential Address video also featured slides which we redesigned to be in the same style as the animated parts of the case study projects. Once we had all the sections completed, we edited everything together and added subtitles for the final online version which can be seen here.

The client was super happy with the final result and we hope to work with the team at ICE on their next presidential address video!

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