Leukaemia UK | Saffron’s case study video London

Case study video to present Leukaemia UK’s new charity ambassador. Filmed, edited and produced by Dreaming Fish Productions.

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The project

Leukaemia UK, are a fantastic charity which has been funding research into leukaemia and various other blood cancers for well over 40 years. Today, around 250,000 people are living with the disease in the UK; that’s 250,000 stories, 250,000 families and countless more lives affected by blood cancer. Leukaemia UK are doing amazing work and are extremely dedicated to fighting the different types of leukaemia which affects people of all ages. We are very proud to support them and have them as one of our charity partners.🧑

We’ve been working with Leukaemia UK for about 3 years now, providing regular video and animation content/support to them at a reduced rate. As part of their new branding/strategy, Leukaemia UK wanted to run a series of short films that would share the personal stories of people who have been diagnosed. To welcome their newest charity ambassador, we were asked to film Saffron Vadher‘s story.

Saffron's Story 2


Our approach

We went for a simple but very effective approach as Saffron’s story was emotive enough that the video didn’t need a large scale production behind it. We shot a talking head with Saffron in the penthouse room at the stunning Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London. We filmed the b-roll outside and the interview in the living room with 2 cameras, maned by our Videographer Chris and our Producer, Tom. We were super lucky with the weather; look at that gorgeous sky! The room had an amazing terrace and the iconic views of London added an amazing backdrop to the video.πŸͺŸ 🌸 🌺

Saffron's Story 5

Saffron’s story

A big thank you to Saffron for sharing her story and to the wonderful team at Leukaemia UK for their continuous hard work, support and endless dedication. For more information on leukaemia and other blood cancers, head over to their website to learn more.

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