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Series of live action video podcasts with the founder of NESA, Heath Williams. Produced by Dreaming Fish Productions.


NESA Robotics

Partners of Nordic EyeNordic Eye Sales Accelerator – (NESA) are a UK based sales team who put their hearts into helping startup’s exceed sale expectations across the UK and Denmark. Heath Williams, founder of NESA, got in touch with DreamingFish earlier this year because he wanted to share all his knowledge, experiences and entrepreneur journey with those who are thriving for more and looking to increase their sales. We filmed a series of video podcasts with Heath, his colleagues and friends to talk all things sales! To see this videos, head over to his YouTube channel here.

When COVID-19 and lockdown hit the UK, Heath just knew he wanted to do all he could to help beat the virus. Having looked into how the UVD Robots work and can kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces, he saw an amazing opportunity to bring the robot into workplaces helping them get back up and running with full reassurance that their employees and customers would be safe and protected from COVID-19. This is when Heath formed NESA Robotics.


Hitting national media

When people started hearing about NESA Robotics it hit the national media. Heath and the UVD Robots appeared on BBC News, BBC Click and ITV News. They are now seeing a high demand in industries, including airport & traveleducationhealthcarehospitality and many more! Everyone is after this robot that can map out the layout of your workplace and disinfects the entire area before employees arrive for work. Take a look below at what Guy Jenner, Managing Director at Aston Martin Car Dealership had say:

DreamingFish have been delighted to work alongside Health and his team at NESA Robotics, creating video content and helping them launch their website to spread the word far and wide. Together, we will beat the virus.

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