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3D explainer animation created for to showcase their platform and services. Designed, animated and produced by Dreaming Fish Productions.

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The project, a workforce management company, got in touch with us for the need of a ‘high-level product demonstration that should explain and provide an overview of the software and its features.’ As with any new project, we always try to push ourselves creatively and we love experimenting with new animation styles. After understanding’s needs in more detail and two rounds of pitching (a 2D and 3D concept) we felt that a 3D approach would work best for their first ever animation. With a rough style/approach locked down and after a few more calls with the team, we had a solid brief in place which meant we could get started on step 1; the script. We went for a approachable and friendly tone of voice for the script, which was later matched by our lovely voiceover artist.

Design and styleframes

With a script approved and signed off, we moved onto step 2; styleframes and storyboard. The storyboard, which matches the script, shows the client exactly what their project will look like, scene by scene. This stage is crucial and feedback is essential, as we can only start animating once the client is entirely happy with everything. Check out some of the initial sketches created by our designer, James! ✏️ 🎨 - James frame 12 3

The explainer video

Our creative and talented team of designers worked collaboratively to create the final animation, taking it in turns to animate and render the different scenes. We loved working on this 3D explainer and hope to work with the team at again in the near future. The animation was widely used across’s website and social media channels as well as an additional tool for sales presentations and events. Click play to watch the video below, how satisfying are those 3D rendered shapes?! πŸ“Š πŸ”ΊπŸ”΅ πŸ”Ά


FAQs about 3D video production

How does 3D animation work?

The process for creating 3D animation is very similar to that of 2D animation. One of the major differences is the design stage. Much more time is needed to plan design, model and rig the products, characters and/or environments that are needed. Once the design stage is complete, we then move onto storyboarding and at this stage, we often create a more detailed board which will include designs that will feature in the final animation. Once design and storyboarding is complete, the animation stage can start. After this, the process of rendering begins and the time required for this can vary depending on the complexity of the animation. This process can often take days rather than hours, but the finished result is truly astonishing! 3D animation is often created in programmes like Cinema 4D (which is what we use at DreamingFish), Maya and 3D Studio Max and more!

Why choose 3D over 2D animation?

3D animation can take you places where 2D animation just can’t! Being able to model and then animate your products allows you to do things with them that you can’t with live-action or 2D animation. Think about TV commercials for make-up, electrical, food or household products for example, chances are these products are actually animated in 3D! Pretty cool, right? And it’s not just useful for products, the uses for 3D are really endless! Fancy learning more? Get in touch with us today! πŸ“ž

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