Zoggs UK | Horizon flex promotional product video

Having previously created two other promotional product videos for swimwear giants, Zoggs UK, we were super excited when they approach us with a new project in mind. Branded as a more ‘outdoorsy’ google, Zoggs were after a “welcoming, fun and adventurous”promotional video to introduce a brand new style of goggle, the ‘Horizon Flex Mask’ to their range. Targeted at beginners, casual open-water/triathlon competition swimmers, these googles are certainly perfect for any occasion. The mask features some great USPs including:

• Titanium Blue Lens for ideal for high-level light and reducing glare from the sun.
• Each side features a V-Groove Flex Point for enhanced flexibility
• Conical lens profile for panoramic view
• Textured inner seal for a secure non-slip fit
• Anti-fog technology to ensure you can swim clearly
• UV Protection to protect your eyes from high levels of light and harmful UV rays against harmful UV rays

This time, and unlike the previous promotional videos we created, Zoggs wanted to add some of their own existing footage (outdoor swimmers etc) with our new footage, to showcase the different uses for the goggles in both pool and open water settings. Zoggs provided us with different clips and we chose our favourite ones before filming for ourselves. We filmed in our Surrey based studio, using a very minimal set which consisted of lights, a few backdrops and most importantly; sand! 🎥 💡

zoggs - horizon flex promotional video 1

zoggs - horizon flex 2

With the filming side of the project complete, it was time for arguably the most exciting step; post production. This is where the video comes to life and it’s so exciting to see. After agreeing on a punchy and upbeat music track with Zoggs, we got all the footage we wanted to include in the promo onto a timeline and our crafty and creative editor, got to work! Mixed with some wacky transitions and slick onscreen animated text, created by our motion graphics designer, the promotional video was delivered to a very happy client. ♥️

The goggle was released in February 2024 and the promo video was later shared on Zoggs’ social channels in April. As always, it was a pleasure working on this project with Zoggs UK and we’re so pleased with the final promotional product video! Watch it for yourself below, anyone fancy a pair? 🏊‍♀️ 🥽 💦

Where will my promotional video be created?

Our in-house creatives are based in Surrey, UK and are able to send a crew to any location within the UK and abroad; we can even source a local crew if we’re unable to travel! If you’re looking for an animated video, this is all completed in our studio, there’s no need for any on-site filming as it’s created by our talented animation specialists.

Can you make content for social media?

Of course! In fact, it’ something we strongly encourage all our clients to have. The use of videos on social media platforms is a great way of getting a message across quickly and effectively to large and global audiences. You may find that having different types of videos on your social channels will help to increase awareness and information around your business – win win! Whatever it is that you’re after for your social video, we’ll create it for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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