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Corporate Video Production in London 

Corporate Video Production involves creating motivational, memorable and actionable video content that highlights the core benefits and services of your business. In essence, your corporate video needs to be on-brand and needs to strike the right message with your target audience.

Your Corporate Video can be filmed in whichever style best suits your brand guidelines. You may want to opt for an animated video to explain the intricacies of your business in an engaging and digestible format, or perhaps you’re looking for a live-action video with personable actors to convey your message in a more personal, relatable manner. Or maybe you’re not sure because you’ve never worked with a corporate video production agency before! Well, don’t panic because DreamingFish are here to help!

Whichever category you fall into, our in-house team of experienced creatives will work with you to understand the ins and outs of your business in order to create an honest and professional reflection of your corporate business. We have worked with a number of high-profile corporate businesses in the past, with notable clients including UBS, BNP Paribas and IBM, just to name a few. We provide our corporate video production services into London and globally! Our corporate video production service is end-to-end and we’re always here to provide help and advice through each stage of production. Your experience with us will be rewarding and enjoyable, so why not get in touch today to see how we can help with your desired project?

How Do DreamingFish Create Corporate Videos?

We will kick things off with a phone or Zoom call in-order to introduce ourselves and to find out a bit more about you and your company. From there, we will put together a personalised proposal for your project with a price and project breakdown. Once you ok this, we can start coming up with some design ideas to get your corporate video going in the right direction. For example, are you looking at an animated video? Is it 2D or 3D? Would you prefer a live-action film, with actors or your own staff included in the filming? You might not know what’s appropriate for your brand, and that’s where we come in…

We can show you previous corporate videos we’ve worked on in London to help inspire you and we’ll offer our expert advice on what type of video will resonate with your audience. If you opt for an animation approach, this will be created in-house by our experienced team of animators and designers. For a live-action option, in most cases, we would send a small crew to London to film your video (again, this all depends on the type of video you’re looking for – you may not even want to film in London!).

So, whether you’re looking for an explainer video, promotional video or something else, our creatives are here to help. Our service is end-to-end and we keep in touch throughout each production stage to ensure you’re happy with our process. Our team at DreamingFish will help you make the most out of your corporate production in and across London. We’re a video production agency who are truly passionate about the corporate videos we produce for our clients. Together, we will work to create a memorable, engaging and actionable corporate video that puts your brand and business on the map. Below is a great example of a Corporate Brand Film we created for ForgeRock, to showcase the importance of managing digital identity.



Do I Need a Corporate Video?

Video is a medium that compels people to take action in an immersive and personal format. Being a passive form of digital media, video is able to effortlessly connect with your audience and compel them to act unlike any other medium. Delivering corporate messages through video is arguably one of the most engaging options and our creatives offer a wide variety of filming styles and techniques that are bespoke to your brand and message.

Do You Make Corporate Trailers for Social Media?

We do! Once your corporate video has been completed, we will provide a few shorter versions for you to share and promote across all your social media channels.

How Much Does a Corporate Video Cost?

The cost of your video will depend on several factors, including the style you go for, how many crew members are needed, location, travel costs etc. This is all discussed with you during the initial process and a final quote will be given to you at the end. If you’re following a budget, simply tell us what it is and we’ll let you know what we can and can’t do with it!

Are Your Corporate Video Production Services COVID-19-friendly?

Absolutely, we have changed the way we work to ensure we adhere to the new COVID regulations to keep our staff and clients safe. For a full breakdown of our new way of filming, take a look at our COVID-19 response

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