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Firstbase provides specialist software for managing a company’s assets, wherever they are located. In a world of hybrid working, these assets could be across the country, or even around the world, and Firstbase’s software streamlines and automates the entire equipment lifecycle. For this project, Firstbase wanted an animated explainer video to introduce the company, it’s values and to show how the process and software works. The objective was to use the video for demand generation with an audience of leaders in IT and Finance. The video was to be used on the website and on social channels and needed to have a length of around 2 minutes.

DreamingFish is a video production company that specialises in creating animated explainer videos and we generally follow a production process that has a number of stages:

• Production planning
• Scriptwriting
• Design
• Storyboard
• Animation
• Post production (audio and sound design)
• Review
• Final delivery

The team at Firstbase had already created the script, design approach and a very detailed storyboard, so this made the process much quicker. Firstbase supplied a number of assets and once we had put a project plan into place, the DreamingFish team got to work on recreating the storyboard ready for animation and selecting appropriate stock footage. While this was taking place, we sourced a voiceover and recorded the script as well as suggesting a music track to accompany the animation and give the video pace.

firstbase-animated-explainer-video 2

Once all the assets were in place, the DreamingFish team got to work creating the animation, which took around two weeks to complete. We then worked through two rounds of amends with the team from Firstbase and delivered the final project as a high resolution video file ready to add to their website. Check out the final video below!

How much does an animated explainer cost?

No video project is ever the same so all our quotes are bespoke and vary from project to project and are dependent on our client’s needs. When you contact us, we’ll have a chat with you to learn more about your brand and your video requirements. After this, we will provide you with a full cost breakdown which includes everything from pre-production right through to post. We are always happy to discuss our quotes with you to ensure you’re happy with the price and it fits within your allocated budget (if you have one!)

Why do I need an animated explainer video for my company/business?

Video is one of the easiest ways of consuming and digesting information these days. It’s passive, meaning you can make your viewers/audience feel connected and engaged by showing them a video. If you’re looking to get your business out there, or you’d like to shout about a new product or service, explaining it to an audience through a video is your best bet for great results. When you work with DreamingFish, you’re guaranteed the perfect animated explainer video for your company. Want to start creating your animated explainer video? Get in touch with us today, we’d love to help!

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