Dreaming Fish Productions win Muse Award

In June we were very excited to hear that we had won a Muse Creative Award for the animation we created for our lovely friends at ForgeRock.The Privacy animation was created to launch ForgeRock’s User Managed Access, a simple tool to secure and share data according to preferences.

The brief was to be create a truly bespoke and creative piece of work, unique in its own way, and our own Luke Brown and Mat Cunningham spent lots of time during the design and story board stage to ensure that it had that unique look and feel.

“ForgeRock’s brand guidelines had a nice grungy texture, and we liked this and chose to run with it,” said Luke. “Their brand is very strong and we chose to go with greys and blacks predominantly, and use a single camera throughout to give the feeling of constant movement, a bit like an animation ‘one shot’!”

The design and animation took over a month and once this was complete a bespoke piece of music was created to compliment the visuals. The music was quite emotive given the subject matter, but once together the visuals and audio create a unique piece of work that we are very proud of. Check out the winning animation below:


“I think people will be really engaged by the animation you’ve created,” said Rebecca Golden, Marketing Specialist at ForgeRock. “The visual language is unusual and draws you in. The look and feel has a vintage, parchment aesthetic but the animation has a natural digital flow (but with a vintage touch!) that I think makes for a really interesting juxtaposition that works really well together.”

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