Improving your video ROI: a step-by-step guide

Improving your video ROI – it’s about more than just views…


Videos can be used to achieve all sorts of things, and can be shared on different platforms. With 96% of B2B companies planning to use video in their marketing over the next year, it’s worth spending time working out exactly how to use your videos to maximise your video ROI. Have a look below at four strategies that you can use to create purposeful videos.

Show off what you do

It’s important that your videos initially showcase the very best of what you have to offer. Tell your viewer what you do, why you do it and – crucially – why you’re the best at it. Offer something that is memorable, unique and appeals to your target audience. It’s worth bearing in mind the length of your videos too – if they are too long then your audience aren’t likely to watch it in its entirety and may miss your call-to-action, meaning your video ROI won’t be as successful. It’s estimated that about 60% of users will stop watching a video after 2 minutes, so consider a shorter video to ensure people will remain engaged to the end. Which brings us to…

Engage your audience

Videos are a fast and easy way to help create brand awareness. However, you shouldn’t expect that your video will lead to an instant increase in new clients. You must position your videos accordingly to draw in qualified leads. In other words, take into account things such as where you are posting your video and what time you are posting it – by monitoring your video output metrics you can refine these things. Also ensure that your content is relevant to the channel you are using i.e. videos that work on your website and Facebook may not necessarily work on LinkedIn or Instagram. Consider re-editing your videos so that they work on different channels, ensuring you increase the reach of your video and therefore the video ROI.

You should also consider giving your video a strong call-to-action to help to engage your viewer and as a result your video ROI. Provide a click-through to your website, or perhaps another video that might be of interest. Don’t allow your video to sit on your platforms passively: give your audience the opportunity to engage further with you, and convert those engagements into new leads!

Retain (and delight) your customers

So your videos have helped you develop leads – great – and your Sales team have converted those leads into clients. Happy days! But it’s now imperative that you make those customers happy enough that they keep coming back, thus expanding your stable base of clients. How do you do this? Assure the client that you are still invested in them. Simple video guides and ‘how-to’ videos emailed out in a newsletter are a great way to show clients that you haven’t forgotten about them after the sale. More content, more value, greater retention and a greater overall video ROI for your video spend.

Show off your customers (and let them show you off, too)

To encourage sales, there really is nothing better than a testimonial video from a happy and successful client. This has several benefits. Not only does this help to attract potential clients – letting them know what they can expect from you – it proves to your existing client that you care about them too. After all, you’re showing them off and helping them out as much as you are yourself. Showreels are also another great way of using video to show your customer base. Featured on the homepage of your website, it quickly lets the client know what they can expect from you. Round up:

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