The 2023 Christmas adverts | pt 2🎄

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Get stuck into part 2!🎄

Following on from part 1’s blog, we bring you even more adverts from this year. Without further ado, enjoy some more festive fun from the likes of Tesco, Amazon Prime, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Lidl. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin!🎅🏼📺✨


Amazon Prime | Joy Ride 🛷

If an emotional/teary Christmas advert is more your thing, you’ll love Amazon Prime’s entry for this year. The 60 second advert shows three life-long friends sat outside (with cups of tea in hand), watching a group of kids sledging down a steep and snowy hill. They look fondly over at each other, reminiscing about the times they used to do it together, until one of them has a bright idea involving the Amazon app. Set to an instrumental version of ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles (especially made for this advert), no words are said throughout the video and quite frankly no words are needed. The advert perfectly sums up the meaning of friendships and sharing joy. In an article by Amazon, one of the friends from the advert, Annie O’Donnell, says: “At our age, it’s not uncommon to be typecast. And, while I will happily play the role of someone’s sweet grandmother, it is always exciting to be able to show a different side. An opportunity to shake of preconceptions and show we are not just ‘young at heart’ but still throwing ourselves into life”. I think this particular advert beautifully sums up the phrase ‘simple but effective’. Get your tissues ready before pressing play on this one…🤧

Tesco | Become More Christmas🎄

Now, if you thought the John Lewis advert was a bit weird; wait until you see the Tesco one! 👀 Forget Venus Fly traps that come to life and imagine human Christmas trees, snowmen and other festive things…Very fittingly, Tesco’s advert is set to the song ‘How Bizarre’ by New Zealand band OMC and tells the story of a typical teenage boy who just isn’t in the mood for Christmas, despite his parents (weird yet festive) efforts. It’s a sweet advert with a cute message and as they say ‘weird is wonderful’, but what do you make of the ad?

Sainsbury’s | This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question

Sainsbury’s have created some great Christmas ads in the past, like their 2014 one (made in partnership with The Royal British Legion), but lately it feels like they’ve lost their touch. Don’t even get me started on the medieval weirdness of their 2022 advert featuring Alison Hammond; what was that?! This year, Asda is not the only supermarket to feature a big-time singer in their advert; move over Bublé, Rick Astley is here. Set in a Sainsbury’s store featuring real employees, a little girl, over the tannoy, has a question about Santa: “what does he have for his Christmas dinner?” The Sainsbury’s team answer her question by showing off a collection of their festive food range when Astley asks “How about some cheese?”, to which an employee answers “C’mon Rick, cheese before pudding, you know the rules” whilst her colleague sings “and so do I” (if you know you know 😉). Not bad Sainsbury’s; much better than last year’s!

Waitrose |It’s time for the good stuff

Launched on 2nd November, Waitrose focuses on a party theme for their Christmas advert this year. Sent in a swanky house, (somewhere in London I presume!) a family gets ready to host their guests for the ultimate party of the year. With the soundtrack ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by Depeche Mode, the party is in full swing with guests being served a range of yup, you guessed it, Waitrose festive food. More and more guests start turning up and the electricity goes out but that won’t stop the fun; Graham Norton comes to the rescue with the Waitrose showstopper “Golden Buche de Noel?” One thing is for sure, that looks like fab party but where was my invite?🤔

Lidl |A Magical Christmas

This year, Lidl is one of the few supermarkets that has an animal as the main character in their Christmas advert. Perhaps more like the traditional John Lewis adverts, ‘A magical Christmas’ is a heartwarming and uplifting video which focuses on gift giving and small acts of kindness as their core messages. The video opens with an adorable raccoon, with big brown eyes, who stares longingly through the window of a family’s home, desperate to join them inside. After her weekly shop at Lidl, the mum accidentally drops a cuddly monkey (she bought for her son), on her cycle home. The adorable raccoon sees it fall and makes it his mission (crossing the road, getting on the tube etc) to return the monkey to the family in time for Christmas.

The Christmas advert finishes with the announcement that Lidl are brining back their Bear’s Toy Bank, a charity initiative which last year, gave more than 80,000 children (who might not have otherwise received anything on Christmas Day) presents to open. Talking about the advert, Peter de Roos, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl GB, said: “At Christmas, there’s nothing more magical than seeing the joy a gift can bring to a child, and we want to help make sure this joy reaches all families.” For the first time, Lidl are also selling plush toy versions of the monkey and raccoon, with all sales going to Neighbourly. So, who wants one?! 🦝🐵🎁

Which one has your vote?

So, now that you’d seen a few of this year’s top contenders, which one takes your vote?🌟

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