Vega Digital Award Winners 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have won the Centauri Award in the Vega Digital Awards for our ‘My Identity’ Brand Film created for ForgeRock. A lot of hard working hours were put in by all those involved in order to create this unique concept.

The ForgeRock ‘My Identity’ film started life as a simple stock film with voiceover. However, we felt that this approach didn’t truly reflect the ForgeRock brand, so we suggested some alternative ideas, one of which was to project the stock footage onto a series of screens around an actor who addresses the camera, creating something akin to a dramatic performance piece. Fast forward a few weeks and we were standing in a studio in East London as the metal frame was being created and projectors hung. The actor, Dave, was required to deliver his lines in time with the four stock footage videos that were being projected around and above him, and Producer and Camera Op Tom also had a series of choreographed camera moves to carry out.

The footage was then edited and graded and the finishing touch was added by Jonty, who composed an original score and audio effects to create even more drama. The film has been shown at the ForgeRock Identity Summits around the globe and also is on the ForgeRock website and we are really pleased to have been awarded a Vega Digital award for the film.


Check out a BTS video of how this shoot all came together! Pretty cool, huh?

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