What is IGTV?

So, what is it?

IGTV is a new video service created by Instagram which you can access via a stand alone app or through your account on Instagram. It allows you to post and view vertical videos of up to 10 minutes and you’re able to like, comment and share these as you would content on Instagram.Navigating around IGTV is simple – just use the ‘discover cards’ that appear at the bottom of the screen; these are categorised into content based on your interests, from your followers, and videos you have already started watching.

How can it help your brand?

Instagram’s new feature allows you to expand your viewing audience by providing yet another video platform in addition to YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook. With a popular shift away from Facebook many people are active on Instagram throughout the day which increases the chances of your video content being seen.

IGTV allows for brand accounts to personalise their Instagram feed. You can use IGTV for ‘How-to’ or ‘behind the scenes’ videos, which can let your followers see what happens behind the Instagram lens. For example, if you are a model, your feed may be filled with beautiful snapshots and you can use IGTV to showcase the process of hair and make-up, the lights, the cameras and most importantly, the poses! You could also create a IGTV tutorial on how to achieve the perfect angle for the perfect picture for your followers to enjoy. But it’s not just models and companies that create visual content, any business that uses Instagram can benefit as the extended length of videos can be great for telling longer stories. Any drawbacks? Well…vertical video can be a problem if you want to use pre-existing landscape content and any professional video will need to be shot portrait, or framed with IGTV in mind. But if you’re shooting on a mobile, go vertical and go crazy!

What can DF do to help you?

Here at DreamingFish we can provide you with the ideas for content that will best suit your brand, as well as creating and filming professional vertical videos that are quick and easy to upload onto IGTV without any hassle. So don’t miss out!! Jump on the IGTV bandwagon and get started today! Take a look below at what we have recently uploaded to our IGTV. To enquire about IGTV or any other video production please get in touch!

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