Animated Video Production

Video and Animation Production is becoming increasingly popular in this modern day and age. It is one of the best ways to get short and informative messages across to an audience and can be used for learning, educating and promoting videos across many social media platforms. Did you know that 93% of marketers said that they got ‘high quality leads’ with the help of social media videos?

We help a range of clients across multiple industries communicate and connect with their audience through the medium of film and animation production. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some corporate giants such as UBS, IBM and ForgeRock, from story to screen, collaborating with them every step of the way by creating engaging, innovative and effective content. 

So, what is animation? 

The term animation is used to describe a series of still images or illustrations joined together to form a fast paced sequence; giving viewers the illusion of movement. Over the last couple of years we have created various animated video productions for our clients. Take a look at our 2021 Animation Showreel below:

Stages of animated video production:

There are a few essential steps when it comes to creating and designing any type of animated video production. We keep in touch regularly with our clients, asking them for feedback after every step to ensure we are moving in the right direction. This is usually how our animated video production schedule tends to go:

  • Scriptwriting – We want to make sure we have the correct tone of voice so it’s really important that the language and style of voiceover artists represents your brand.
  • Styleframes and Designs – working with you we’ll decide on a design approach that is onbrand, engaging and will be easily recognised to help with brand awareness. We will usually get inspiration from your brand guidelines, website, reference videos you like and any other assets your company may already have.
  • Storyboarding – Once a design approach has been chosen, using your script, we’ll create a storyboard so you can see exactly what visuals will be accompanying the voiceover to get a feel for how your final video will look
  • Animating – The next step is to start animating! This is the exciting part where we bring all our previous work to life to create an edit of your video.
  • Post-production (sound design etc) – Depending on the approach, timeframe and budget, we may add a little bit of sound design and secondary animation to give your video that extra bit of spice!

The different types of video animations

There are many different types of animation, below are some of the most common ones we use most here at DreamingFish. 

2D is a form of vector-based animation using digital illustrations or hand drawn tools in order to produce innovative and creative drawings. Similarly to 2D, 3D animation also brings flat and static drawings or vectors to life by using features like CGI which makes characters appear more realistic.

Stop motion is a very hands on style of animation. Unlike with 2D and 3D, stop motion works with using and adjusting the position of physical objects in every frame. This gives the objects the illusion that they are moving by themselves! 

Explainer Animated Videos

How do you quickly get across information to an audience that will keep them hooked on what you’re saying? Usually lasting around 60-90seconds, animated explainer videos are a great way of turning tedious data and information into something more engaging. Businesses usually use animated explainer videos to showcase their services, a product demo or launch.

Did you know that 85% of the population are influenced by watching explainer videos? Explainer animated videos are a very important marketing tool and therefore an essential element to developing your business! Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, many live events and conferences have been replaced with virtual events which are slowly becoming the ‘new normal’. This has seen a rise in businesses using animated explainer videos as a way to engage with their audiences. 

See an example of one of our explainer videos below:

Popular Animation Programmes

We work with a range of different animation programmes when it comes to bringing our creations to life. The animation style of the project will determine what program we will use to create it, but the most common softwares are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro and Blender. 

Voiceovers and Music

Much like video production, animated videos whether corporate or not, need some type of background music to tie the overall production together. Upbeat music mixes well with quick and snap video transitions and can massively help keep your audiences engaged for longer! Voiceovers also lend themselves well with animated explainer videos as they help with storytelling. 

If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine how many a video can… PS, it’s a lot more! Looking for an animated video for you or your business? Get in touch with us today on!

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