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Our talented team at DreamingFish are video production experts and our job is to create memorable and engaging videos that inspire audiences in Hampshire and worldwide! We can make content for you that motivates, educates, or compels your audiences to buy a product, subscribe to a service or even sign up to an event for example. As a creative agency, we work closely and collaboratively with all our clients by offering a full end-to-end service; from the initial ideation process, all the way through to post-production and project completion. When you first contact us about your video needs, we’ll arrange a call with you to chat about your project requirements in more detail. Whether you’re after a live-action or animation approach to your video, the opportunities are endless! Get in touch with us today to get started on your video journey in Hampshire!

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Our core video services in Hampshire

•Animated explainer video production: As one of our most popular services, explainer videos are ideal for delivering concise, informative and engaging information on a product or service. These videos are designed to simplify and breakdown information about a software, service or product. Simple, clear and straight to the point! We offer a range of animation styles from 2D-3D, icon or character based, the list of options are endless!

•Pitch video production: While PowerPoint holds a special place in our hearts, nothing can sell your product, service or an idea quite like a professionally filmed pitch video! Designed to stick in the minds of your audience and compel them to act, successful pitch videos filter your core product or service into a simplified, digestible format.

•Demo video production: Did you know that 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s explainer/demo video? Whether you’re after a live-action or animation (or a bit of both e.g. software demos!) approach for your demo video, our expert team of animators and producers will be more than happy to discuss these options with you and your team.

•Event video production: If you’re hosting a live event and want to capture the moment, our event and live streaming services do exactly that. Live streaming allows you to share your event with audiences across the globe and we can also film presentations and capture the highlights of your live event to share with a wider audience once it’s over.

•TV commercial production: Alongside our talented production team, our designers and animators are able to produce stunningly captivating TV commercials for any industry. This also involves analysing your target audience to ensure your finished commercial is reaching and engaging the right people.

•Product video production: Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to launch your latest product? By partnering with DreamingFish, we can help you do exactly that! Our extensive video production services will give you everything you need to market your latest and greatest product.

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Why choose DreamingFish for your video needs?

A video for any business has to have a real impact, whether that’s connecting you with your clients on a deeper level, helping you to stand out from the crowd for new prospects or motivating your employees. When you choose DreamingFish as your creative video production agency in Hampshire, this is exactly what you’ll get from us! Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to create a wide range of videos for businesses and organisations across the country and the globe. Combined, the DreamingFish team has over 50 years of experience in the video and animation industry! We love what we do and we are very proud to have received a series of awards for our work, including: My Identity Centauri Award: Vega AwardsConnected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards and Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Awards. Interested in seeing some examples of our work? Why not head over to our portfolio! Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today to get things started!


Our video examples

Reward Gateway | Connect+ explainer

Jiminny | Platform demo

One Glove | Promotional product video

Global Warriors | Explainer animation

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