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Getting your company noticed in an age where businesses are competing for an online presence may seem like an impossible task but don’t panic…DreamingFish can help! Research from software company, Hubspot shows that 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool with 87% of marketers agreeing that video has had a direct/positive impact on their sales. Are you looking to increase your brand awareness, or promote your product or services through social media channels? Our extensive video production services give you everything you need to create the perfect video marketing campaign for your business. Below are some examples of different types of video content we could create for you. Looking to create something in particular? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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Our extensivevideo marketing services

Explainer video services: With animated explainer videos, you can communicate sometimes difficult topics in simple and entertaining ways so your viewers will have an easier time understanding. Being able to promote your brand while describing your products and informing your prospective audience with easily digestible step-by-step explainer videos, not only helps to put a face and a personality behind your brand, but it also makes you appear more credible to nurture potential leads and close deals even faster. Explainer videos often use voiceovers and /or onscreen text, accompanied by 2D or 3D animation – their main point being that your viewer will love what they’re watching and want to find out more, and at DreamingFish we’re all about ROI!

Live action: Videos that are shot at your offices, featuring your business and your team, helps to add personality to your video marketing campaign. Adding a human touch to your brand and its offerings will help to make it more appealing and approachable to your target audience. When you choose DreamingFish to undertake your video production, you’ll be partnering with a highly knowledgeable team of expert videographers, producers, camera operators, and creative directors who will be committed to creating high-quality video content that delivers a return for your business.

Testimonials and case studies: With short, snappy testimonial and case study videos, you can add a new perspective to your video marketing content to provide a relatable viewpoint for your audience when they are at the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. We can provide all the support you need to create case study and testimonial videos, working with you and your clients to create content that works in both long-form on your website and short-form on social media channels.

Social Media Videos: Whether you’re on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn or TikTok, video works amazingly well to make people stop endlessly scrolling and watch your content. In fact, video is known to be the most successful form of content on social media platforms. Videos are shared 1200% more than static posts and marketing campaigns that use video show 34% higher conversion rates. Videos for social media should be short and engaging, and can be edits of longer-form videos, acting to drive traffic to the company website or specific landing page. Top tips for social media videos – grab attention quickly, be entertaining and keep the messaging simple!

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Why choose DreamingFish for your video marketing needs?

Combined, our talented team of creatives has over 50 years experience working in the video and animation industry, creating a range of high quality videos for our clients across multiple industries from technology, pharma, educational, legal and many more. We take huge pride in what we do and we want nothing more than to see the videos we’ve created succeed! We work closely with all our clients, providing support at every stage of production; from the early stages of planning and scriptwriting to the final stages of post-production. Over the years, we have worked with a range of clients across different sectors around the UK and globally and we’re proud to have been recognised for our work, winning a awards along the way: My Identity Centauri Award: Vega AwardsConnected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards and Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Awards. Check out this promotional highlights we created for the ‘Forever in the now’ exhibition (March to May 2022) curated by British sculptors Sean Henry and David Worthington, in the newly opened Victoria Place in Woking, Surrey.


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University of Surrey | Hive Explainer

GHX Style | Social promo

Home Noir | Explainer video

Time Out London  | City Life – What’s good here?

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