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TVideo marketing and video content has always been prominent in the online space, but the past few years has seen the amount of, and want for, video content to grow exponentially across all platforms. Trying to keep up with these trends can seem like a pretty overwhelming task – but that’s where DreamingFish comes in.

Between us, we have over 50 years of experience in the film and animation industry. Having worked with world-leading brands like IBM, TikTok, and Ford, we can develop new and exciting ways to showcase your brand in exploratory, captivating, and relevant ways.

This is only a fraction of what have on offer, however. Every campaign needs strategic planning and creative brainstorming, and from there, our talented in-house team can provide further production services, and even video SEO, to help you generate some serious appeal for your target audiences.

Are you ready to dive into a new and exciting world of video marketing? Get started with DreamingFish as your video marketing agency partner.

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Not Just Any Old Video Marketing Company

It may sound a bit cliche for a video marketing company to say that creating successful video production and digital marketing campaigns for our clients is the bread to our butter, but helping our clients attain new levels of success through quality video marketing campaigns really does make for a rewarding experience.

Our team of creative experts have extensive experience in the creation of high-quality video productions and video marketing strategies for our clients that range from the public sector, corporate brands, educational learning, and far more. If you have a message that you want to give across your channels and make sure your audience is listening, we can advise on and create the best possible ways to do just that.

But what you want to know is if DreamingFish is the best video marketing agency for you and your needs, right? So, how can we let you know you’ll be making the best choice by choosing us? We want you to know that not all video marketing agencies are the same, and we completely understand the need to know that you’ll be receiving the best possible ROI for your video marketing campaign.

At DreamingFish, we’ve worked with a huge range of clients; all covering different subject areas and reaching different target audiences. To get the best idea of what we can do for your brand, why not have a look through our portfolio of work?

We’re super proud of the work we’ve created for some really fantastic brands in our time, so why not check out what we’ve done for our clients for yourself?


Video Marketing Services for Your Campaign

There are many different styles of animations that can be used to make training and educational or promotional

Video marketing is imperative in a search engine driven world, and our fantastic team of video content producers have the skills to get your video marketing campaign off the ground. We’re proud to offer multiple different types of videos that have the capability of engaging your target audience, keeping them on the page and watching your video content, and even encouraging social sharing to get your video marketing campaign to rank even high on Google as part of our SEO services.

Now for a bit of the boring stuff: when you create content that is linkable and sharable on social media, each video helps to increase the number of indexable web pages in search engines. This helps to generate a stronger search presence for key terms and words all while putting a recognisable face to your brand.

Some of the types of video content we produce are:

Animation Video Services

Our motion graphics designers have made some really amazing stuff in their time. They’re able to synthesise complex ideas and portray them in compelling, interesting ways with the use of 2D and 3D animation.
Through animation, you can explore a world of explaining intensely difficult and mind-bending topics in ways that your viewers will have an easier time understanding.

On-Location Shoots

Videos that are shot on-location help to bring a bit more personality to the message of your video marketing campaign. Nobody wants to feel like an inhuman entity is talking to them, it feels extremely out of touch, so adding a human touch to your brand and its offerings will help to make it more appealing and approachable to your target audience.

When you choose DreamingFish to complete on-location shoots, you’ll be partnering with a highly knowledgable team of expert videographers, producers, camera operators, and creative directors who will be committed to bringing high-quality video content straight to you.

Event and Live Video Productions

If you like to keep your audience in the know about your services, or ensure your message gets across to everyone even if they can’t attend an event in person, we provide event video and live video streaming services that make this easier than ever.

An ideal service for summit events, keynotes, town halls, award ceremonies, business presentations and far more, you can share the live event from beyond the building’s walls and capture the moment for everyone.

Vox Pops

Everyone is used to seeing the journalist behind the desk giving us the facts, but people watching want to know about the average joe on the street! What are their opinions on the topic? With short, snappy, ground-view videos, you can put a new perspective into your video marketing content to provide a relatable viewpoint for your audience.

This tactic, which works especially well at industry conferences, special events, and during country-changing periods of the year which helps you to get quick stats from the man on the street, ask questions, and gather honest on-the-spot opinions with a mic and a camera. Not only this, but they’re also fantastic for social media footage, like Instagram Stories, and can generate some serious appeal and video views from current and new audiences.

Explainer Videos

Being able to promote your brand while describing your products and informing your prospective audience with easily digestible step-by-step explainer videos not only helps to put a face and a personality behind your brand, but it also makes you appear more credible to nurture potential leads and close deals even faster.

This kind of video can be done as normal video production, or as a voice-over to an animated 2D or 3D production – they can even be hybridised with live-action video and animation; how cool is that!

Video Blogs

Video blogs are exactly what they say on the tin! They contain content that would normally be found written within a blog but is created for video marketing purposes with the intent of generating more consumable and direct video content.

60-second plus video blogs, or vlogs if you frequent certain YouTube channels, which are narrated and presented by on-screen actors help to compliment your video marketing strategy. Each video blog can also feature image backdrops, visual cues, and branding elements that enhance your engagement with your audience, enhance lead generation, and aid conversions.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

We know this can be a lot to take in, so if you’d rather discuss your needs and have a chat to see if we’re the right fit for you; that’s completely cool too! There’s always someone willing to chat with new clients, during business hours of course, and we love to make sure you’ll get everything you need from us.

For anything about our video marketing services, the rates we charge, to organising a meeting to get the ball rolling on a new project of yours, we’d love to chat!

To learn more about the our video marketing services, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form

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