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If you’re in need of a skilled professional team of videographers to take you through film and video production in Sheffield, you won’t find better than DreamingFish! Our specialist services will always be set up and ready to help you connect with your audiences, whether you’re looking to attract customers and clients, inspire employees, or even simply boost your brand reputation.

Our commercial video production package will come with everything you need to carry out the ideal campaign for video marketing in Sheffield, and we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure it all looks its absolute best. From the first stages of ideation to the final edits, you can rely on us to be there for it all. We’ll even help you handle the release of your content, on a range of social media platforms as well as television, to Sheffield, the wider UK, or even around the world (in partnership with local video production companies).

Everything we do for you will keep your brand firmly at its heart, so the end result shows the audience a message that speaks with the voice you want your business to have. You can even be involved in the process as much as you want, or you can leave it all up to us if that’s what you’d prefer. We understand, either way!

Get in touch with us today and let’s create the content that works for you.

Our Video Production Services in Sheffield

When you come to us to set up a strategy for video marketing in Sheffield, we’ll start everything off by booking you in for an initial meeting. This will happen online or over the phone and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves while getting to know more about you and your brand. In return, you’ll get the chance to start telling us about what you’d like in your content.

We’ll be happy to take you through any number of possibilities for your video, based on what you’ve told us you’d like to see from the finished results. Our in-house creatives will always be there to offer specialist input and advice, too, so there will be no shortage of options for your content if you ever get stuck for ideas.

We may be based in Woking, but we’re ready to travel anywhere you need us in Sheffield or the surrounding areas if you want an entirely live-action shoot. Alternatively, if you’d like to include some stylish animation and motion graphics to grab your audience’s attention, we’ve also got a team of in-house animators and designers ready and waiting to draw up and create what you need.

Making sure that you’re getting the most out of our services is part of our job. This is why we’ve set out every part of our work process, from pre to post-production, to give you the chance to learn and engage wherever you want. You’ll always get the exceptional video content you need, and you can have as much of a hand as you want in making it!

To make sure this always stays the case, we’ll stay in constant communication with you throughout our work. This keeps the content in line with what you want at every turn and means you’ll always be able to see where your investment is going with our service.

Why Choose Us for Film and Video Production in Sheffield?

We’ve got a great advantage over many other video production companies in Sheffield: our years of experience. Altogether, our team boasts 50 years’ worth of experience and skill in film production, video editing, and animation and design, and we’ve used these for brands ranging from IBM and Irwin Mitchell to Hollywood Bowl.

Our hard work has even resulted in us winning a number of awards, including:

  • My Identity Centauri Award: Vega Award
  • Connected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards
  • Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Award

What We’ll Make for You

We’ve worked right across the UK to bring a host of brands the video content they need to target their chosen audiences, in a variety of styles and techniques that send out just the right message to their viewers. We’ve also made a list of some of the most popular video service types we provide below, so you can have a look and start to think about what you need for your own video marketing in Sheffield:

These aren’t the only options we have for commercial, educational, or promotional video content, though. If you’d like to see other examples and case studies to see what we can do with live-action video and animation, please take a look at our portfolio.

Get in Touch for Great Video Content

We love what we do and we want nothing more than to see your Sheffield brand reach the goals and milestones of success that you’ve set out. Whether this means getting new clients and customers, gathering together a thousand or more new followers on social media, or even inspiring current and prospective employees, we’ve got the skills to make it happen with a fantastic video marketing or education campaign designed just for you.

We’re more than certain that we can help you produce the exact content you want to see for your business. So, take the first step and get in touch!

To learn more about the Video Production services we offer, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form


Why do I need videos in my marketing strategy?

Setting up a video marketing strategy using high quality, professionally-made content is the best and easiest way to make sure audiences pay attention to you. Video is a passive form of media, so all a viewer has to do is sit and watch and they should start to engage and feel connected to what they’re seeing. This makes it more memorable to them, and can even make them more inclined to follow a call to action. Now that you know this, just imagine having a video marketing strategy in Sheffield set up that pushes the products and services you’re selling!

When you decide that we’re the team you need for corporate video production and promotional videos of all kinds, this is exactly what you’ll be getting for your brand. We’ll even do it all in a range of filming styles and animation techniques to suit it!

How much will video production cost in Sheffield?

Video production companies across Sheffield and the surrounding areas will all have different price tags for their production and video marketing services. We’re no different, either; the costs involved with making your own professional video content will all depend on what you want from us, and from the finished media piece.

Right from the very beginning, you’ll get to tell us what you’d like to see as a result of our work, what you want audiences to do after they’ve seen the piece, the size of the crew you’ll need for the shoot, and any locations you’d like us to travel to for the shoot itself. We know this could be anywhere you specifically need us to be, so we’ll be prepared!

Knowing all of this will help us to calculate the cost of filming, editing, and setting up video marketing in Sheffield and beyond. We’ll then set up a proposal for you to look at, based on what you’ve told us in conversations, which will include reference videos and a breakdown of an estimate for everything we’ve talked about and you want added in.

If anything ever needs changing in the middle of our service there’s no need to worry about how this might impact on your bill. We’ll always discuss changes and what they could mean for the overall price before asking you if you want said changes to go ahead. If you decide they’re not needed, we won’t make them, and the price will stay the same.

Is your video production company COVID-19 friendly?

We’re busy doing everything we can to make sure our team and our clients are kept as safe and secure as possible at this time. This includes changing everything about our services and work processes, so that everything we do stays firmly in line with the latest guidelines, rules, and regulations when making promotional video content.

If you’d like to learn more, or to see a full list of everything we’re doing to make sure your shoot is as safe as it can be, please see our COVID-19 response.

Let’s Get Started!

To learn more about the Video Production services we offer, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form

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