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Our talented team at DreamingFish are video production experts and our job is to create memorable and engaging

If you’re in need of an outstanding team to take you through video production in Bristol, DreamingFish is the agency for you! We’re fully prepared to take you through a wide range of film styles and techniques that are all designed to max out engagement and interest in your viewers, and that will keep your brand ahead of its competitors.

When you decide on our video production services, you’ll be picking a production package that will see you through from start to finish. We’ll guide you through the very first stages of ideation, take the reins for filming, and go through every edit and tweak that could need to be made in post-production to bring you the film and video content that sounds like your brand’s voice. No matter if you’re looking to send internal comms with corporate video production or want your audiences to understand something with an animated explainer video, we’ll make sure your brand stays at the heart of everything we produce.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way, too, and make sure you have the chance to get involved whenever you want. 

Contact us today and let us show you what we can do as your very own video production company in Bristol.

Working as Your Video Production Company in Bristol

When you first contact us about your video needs, we’ll arrange a call with you in order to discuss your project r

By making us the film and video production company for your brand in Bristol, we’ll make sure to get the ball rolling right away. This means scheduling a call online or over the phone to start to get to know more about your business, and giving you a chance to get to know us as an agency.

In this time, you’ll also get a chance to tell us what you want to see and what you want to receive from our video production services. Whether you’re looking for promotional content to put online to build up hype around an upcoming product or service, need an explainer video that truly tells your audience how it all works, or want to widen your demographic with a set of great new TV commercials, we’ll collaborate with you to make sure the end result is exactly what you’ve always had in mind.

We’ve even got an in-house team of creatives who will be ready to step in and help if you’re stuck for ideas and need some advice or expertise. If you’re after animated content (2D or 3D), our animators and designers can come up with any number of designs and drawings to suit your brand and its voice.

If you’d prefer to have something live-action, we’ll be happy to send our crew out to your location, or anywhere else you need as your setting, on a day that fits your schedule.

Our video production services are set out to make sure that our clients get the most out of their investment, and we want to be able to do this for you as well. This means making sure you have every opportunity to learn and engage with what we’re doing so that by the end of post-production you’ve experienced everything that you wanted to learn about our agency and our process, as well as the stunning video content that you came to us for in the first place.


Need the Best Video Content in Bristol?

We’ll help you get it! We take pride in what we can offer to our clients, so if you’re looking for specialist video production services in Bristol, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you receive the exceptional film and video content that puts your brand on top ‒ exactly where it should be!

Take a look at our portfolio if you want to see what we’ve achieved for other brands before, or give us a call or send us an email to start working on the next big step for your Bristol-based brand today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need videos for my brand in Bristol?

If you want to stay ahead of everyone else in your market and make sure you’re getting your message across to just the right audience, having a fantastic video marketing strategy is vital. It shows everyone that you’re staying up-to-date with all the latest trends, too, which is never a bad thing for your brand’s image, and as it’s a passive media form it doesn’t take more than sitting and watching for a viewer to start to feel connected to what you’re saying. Word will spread about your brand even faster!

We’ll be glad to help by creating video content that’s just right for your business, too, no matter if you need corporate messages sent out to all your employees, animated explainer videos that really get a point across to clients, or enticing promotional content for your latest product or service. We’ll even do it all in the film styles and techniques that you know best represent your brand!

Can you make social media videos for my business?

We certainly can, and we will if this is what you want! We’ll be glad to make short trailers and teasers from your video content if you’d like to get audiences interested on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube before you’re due to release any products or services.

How much will film and video production cost in Bristol?

You’ll find that rates for film and video production in Bristol vary, depending on what you need from the finished corporate video or promotional content. You’ll only ever pay for what you want to be included, but the price will change based on factors like the type of video you want to be made, the location you want us to shoot, and the size of the crew that will be needed to do it. Time and travel costs also count as part of this.

None of this means you have to worry about your budget, though. By choosing us as your production company you’ll also be choosing a service that makes sure you know exactly what you’re paying for. We’ll sit down with you right from the start and discuss prices, and provide a quote for your planned project that includes a full breakdown of everything that will go into the work. If anything needs changing after this, we’ll let you know if it’ll have an effect on the price. This way, you can decide if you want to make the change or not!

Are you a COVID-19 friendly production company?

Currently, we are doing everything we can to keep our team and our clients as safe as possible against the Coronavirus. To make sure we can do this throughout the work, we’ve adapted every part of our processes to make sure we’re following all of the latest rules and regulations. When you decide that we’re the team for your film and video production in Bristol, you’ll find an agency that’s dedicated to making sure everyone stays healthy.

To learn more about what we’re doing, please take a look at our COVID-19 response.

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