Earth Day 2024 🌎

As a global community, we have many challenges and one of the biggest and most urgent is reducing the amount of carbon we release as a result of our work. Here at DreamingFish, we’ve been measuring our carbon emissions since 2021 and we are looking to reduce and offset these as much as possible. Our work with Tree Aid goes some way towards this, but we know we need to do more to drive down any emissions within our control. 

Our figures for 2023 show a 14.5% reduction across both Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions (we do not create any Scope 1 emissions). We undertook less air travel in 2023 and increased our use of greener forms of transport, such as trains, where possible. Heating continues to be a stubborn issue within Scope 2; without control of our electrical supply, we cannot change this to a greener source so are working to make any electric heaters as efficient as possible. Scope 3 will continue to be a challenge as we have limited control over emissions from third parties, though we can influence this through contractual and indirect means where possible. However, we use Normative to measure our emissions using our previous year’s accounts and whilst simple as a way to calculate our emissions, it’s a blunt instrument and will not account for any reductions that our supply chain might make.

As a company, we have pledged to reach net zero by 2030 or earlier and can only humbly ask others to accompany us on this journey to a better and safer planet fit for future generations. How is your company progressing? We’d be interested in hearing suggestions and top tips from others going through the same process. Thanks so much!

Phil and the DF team x

Happy World Earth Day!

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