Happy Halloween👻

Alexa, play Thriller by Michael Jackson…

To celebrate spooky season, our very own crafty motion graphics designer, James created an epic animation to get you all in the spirit of Halloween! Speaking to James, he said the main inspiration behind this animation came from the opening sequence from the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror. He developed this idea further and ran with it! The tombstones in the animation all reference things in video production like Adobe Flash and VHS, barring the one in honour of Phil’s hair (RIP) which Phil suggested himself…😉


James said he enjoyed bringing his vision to life and he learnt lots along the way “My favourite bit is definitely the gates! – the way that the lights hit them from the back highlights all the scratches and damage on them and makes them feel very real…”

James mainly created this animation in Cinema 4D but he also used After Effects for the final grade as well as other effects like the lightning you can see coming down on the tombstone⚡️. The attention to detail in this video is insane; we’re always spotting something new the more we watch it! Once the animation was completed, a haunting sound design was especially created to further accentuate the theme of Halloween. Keep an ear out for the skeleton saying “happy halloween…”, creepy right?! The production of this project took a couple of weeks with the rendering time taking just as long – as you can imagine!

Have a fang-tastic night!

We’re super proud of James for creating this and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! We wish you a spooktacular day!💀 🎃 🤡🦇


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