Breathe HR | Live-action x 3D promotional explainer

breathe HR explainer

Towards the end of last year, BreatheHR, a UK based cloud-based HR software company, got in touch with us with the need for a promotional video for use on their website and social channels, as part of their latest ‘breathe easy’ campaign. With years of experience working within the HR and recruitment sector, we were excited by the prospect of this project.

After a few calls with the Breathe team we knew exactly what success looked like to them and what we needed to do to make sure we achieved that. With a brief in place and the go ahead from the client, we got started on all things pre-production and first things first, scriptwriting. Breathe provided us with their brand guidelines, tone of voice document and key messages needed for the video. Perhaps unlike their competitors, Breathe’s tone of voice is much lighter, conversational & engaging – without being ‘over the top’. With all of this in mind, we wrote a script that they loved! After the voiceover artist was chosen and the script was recorded, we got started on the storyboard which would help explain the flow of the overall video. To match Breathe’s branding and to keep within their fixed budget, we opted for a stock and animation approach for this promotional video. To ensure the video flowed and was consistent, it was important to use the same person/main character throughout the video. This can sometimes be a difficult task as stock footage can be quite limiting but our Head of Production, Ben, did an amazing job in piecing it all together!

breathe explainer storyboard

Because the video was going to be shared on their website and across social media channels, we needed to create different versions of the promo to suite each desired platform. This meant creating the video in different formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16 etc) with alternative calls to action. In the end, we made approximately 50 different versions of the video. Additionally, the stock footage from the video was also used as still images for other parts of their campaign, to maintain brand identity.

Once we had the stock all chosen and edited in time to the voiceover, our Motion Graphics Designer, Josh, got started on the animation part of the video. “The idea was to show the smooth flow of Breathe, and how it brings everything together into one simple place. This was represented by the glowing line moving around footage of someone struggling with their work, bring everything together to improve their life. The main challenge was comping the line into footage, which was done using rotoscoping to pick out areas to light and create the depth of the visuals. It helped give the feeling that the beam of light was naturally in the scene.”

breathe HR promotional explainer 2

Breathe were super happy with what we created for them and that makes us happy too! Check out the full promotional video below or you can see one of the social cutdowns we created over on Breathe’s instagram here! Don’t forget to give it a cheeky like once you’re there. 😉

Where will my promotional video be created?

If you’re looking for an animated video, this is all completed in-house in our Woking studio by our wonderfully talented team of Motion Graphics Designers. If it’s a live-action video that you’re after, we are able to send a crew to any location within the UK or even abroad; we can even source a local crew if we’re unable to travel!

How long does it take to create a promotional video?

This usually depends on your video approach and content but, we usually say around 2-4 weeks for a live-action video and 4-8 weeks for the creation of an explainer animation; both depending on your specific requirements. However, if you have a deadline in mind, let us know and we will work towards it to make sure we deliver your project on time. Once we have more information about your video project, we will share a production timeline with you so you can be kept updated on our progress. Sounds good right? Get in touch with us today to get started!

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