Clockwise | Explainer animation

Animated explainer video created for London based flexible co-working spaces provider, Clockwise. Designed, animated and produced by Dreaming Fish Productions.

Clockwise 2

The project

Clockwise, a London based flexible co-working spaces provider, got in touch with us in November 2022 in need of an explainer animation. With different work spaces available across the UK and mainland Europe, Clockwise wanted to showcase their brand and core services to a wider audience across the world. As a team, DreamingFish have created a range of explainer videos, in different styles (from 2D to 3D, icon to character etc), for brands and companies across multiple industries and so, we were excited to get our teeth into a new one!

For this project, Clockwise were after an engaging and creative explainer to be shared on their website along with a few  accompanying shorter and snappier edits of the hero video, for use on their social media channels. With a brief in place, our Creative Director, Helen, got started on writing a script, based on the client’s key messages. Once this stage was signed off by the client, we moved onto the next step; design and style-frames!

The design

It was now over to our talented motion graphics designer, James, to get started on the creative process, working closely alongside Helen and our Assistant Producer, Lucy. Here are a few words from James himself:

Initially we pitched 2 different ideas. A fairly striped down version where we used simple shapes and quite sparse illustrations, and a more physical feeling version with watercolour style illustrations on sheets of paper. In the end the client went with the first idea but stripped it back even further, choosing to remove any of the illustrations and instead just use circles and movement to express ideas. Because of this, I put a particular focus on the overall flow and movement of the video in my designs. I wanted to use clockwise motion as much as possible. I put together an animated font that had all the letters drawn on with clockwise sweeps where possible. In general, I tried to make most movements involve some kind of rotation or sweep and took advantage of overlaying shapes onto each other to help sell the sense of clockwise movement. In the end it came together exactly how I would have wanted it. Scenes flow into each other really well and, despite the lack of illustration, I feel I managed to give a sense of character and interest to the shape’s movement. It feels like a complete piece from start to end.”

•James, Motion Graphics Designer

clockwise styleframe 1

clockwise styleframe 1

The final explainer


FAQs about animation production

Why do I need a video for my product or service?

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How much does an explainer video cost?

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