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Event video and live streaming

Record and share your event with the world with DreamingFish event video and live streaming services.

Event video and live streaming ensures that the excitement from your event lasts more than just a day!

Let’s face it, events are expensive to put on and once they are over, they’re over! Filming your event can ensure that the excitement of the day can be relived again and again, as well as ensuring those keynote presentations can be replayed to staff and clients that couldn’t be present on the day.

DreamingFish has been creating event video and live streaming for years. We are always low key and unobtrusive so that we don’t interfere with the proceedings, but we’re always ready to vox pop speakers and delegates as well as capture all the presentations.

And why only limit your messages to the people in the room? We can provide event video and live streaming services to broadcast your event to the web so it can be viewed by those who can’t make it to the venue. Using multi-camera set-ups and live vision mixing we can create the ultimate live streaming event TV experience!

Our event video and live streaming services don’t stop there, we can also create exciting animated logos and videos to use in your presentations, as well as providing support in the creation of the presentation itself, along with provision of the full range of AV services.

Natural History Museum - Event Video and Live Streaming

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