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Video production is an essential part of the marketing mix for companies in the financial sector. Video has the ability to make complicated financial subjects or products simple and straightforward through the use of engaging explainer videos, or create positive video case studies from clients. Whether you need to create a currency update video for social media, a video about your CSR policy or a staff training video, DreamingFish can help. Over the years, we have created videos for a range of financial organisations including UBS, Lloyds, Barclays, FCA and AXA as well as a number of private equity firms. Interested in seeing what we could do for you and your business? Get in touch with us today, we’d love to hear from you!

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When you first get in touch, we’ll suggest an introductory meeting with you. This could be a call, a video call or even an in-person meet up! This initial meeting allows us to find out more about your video project/requirements, learn about your brand as well as introducing ourselves as DreamingFish and the way we work. From pre to post production, our process is entirely collaborative and we encourage our clients to participate in stages like scriptwriting and creative ideation, to ensure we’re all on the same page before kicking things off. Below is a rough step-by-step of our usual production process:

Creative ideation: Once you contact us with your requirements, we’ll suggest possible approaches for your videos. We’re always looking for ways we can create greater value for our clients so we’ll also look at ways that the video can have multiple uses across different platforms.

Pre-production: We use our project management platform to create a plan for your video production and our producers ensure we stick to it! We also share the plan with you so we can share documents and you’re able to check-up on progress.

Scripting: We’ll work with you to create a script that delivers your message at whatever level of detail you need, and ensure it speaks directly to your audience using their language.

Storyboard: For animations and higher value live action films, we’ll carefully craft a storyboard to match the script so that you can see exactly what your project will look like.

Filming/animation: Our friendly and talented in-house team will then film or animate your video!

Post-production: Following filming, live action footage will be edited, graded and any additional audio or animation will be included. Animation will have music and audio effects added. Final videos will be delivered in the agreed formats depending on their use, either landscape, portrait or square as required…and we’ll make sure that you are kept updated during the process.

To see how we can help with your next video project, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form

Combined, our wonderfully talented team of Account Managers, Producers, Directors, Videographers, Animators and Designers, has over 50 years of film and animation experience; providing a wide range of videos for businesses, firms, and organisations across the country and worldwide. Over the years, we’ve been proud to have collected a series of awards for our work, including: My Identity Centauri Award: Vega AwardsConnected Identity Platinum Award: AVA Digital Awards and Go Detroit Arcturus Award: Vega Awards. Head over to our portfolio to see some examples of our work!


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To see how we can help with your next video project, call us on +44 (0)203 745 0825 or contact us using our enquiry form