Explainer Videos Explained!

Animated videos are a really effective tool that businesses should consider having in order to enhance their digital marketing strategies. Not only do they apply motion to your visual story, but they also work to attract the attention and maintain the focus of your target audience in an engaging and comprehensive way. Read on to find out more!

What Are Case Study Videos?

A case study video, or a customer testimonial video, helps to build trust between a business and their prospective clients and customers. They are a form of persuasive media that many businesses and brands are now using to highlight how valuable their products or services are along with helping solve their client’s problems or needs.

Benefits of Advertising on Youtube

As the word’s second most popular search engine (after Google), Youtube has over 2 billion visitors a month. So, advertising on the social platform sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Our Journey to Net Zero

Happy Earth Day! We are a values-driven company, and one of our values is ‘we care’, so we recognised we needed to do something to reduce our emissions, but as a small business where do you start?

Case Study | Taggstar Sexy Sizzle

Check out this sexy sizzle film we created for Social Proof experts, Taggstar. A short, engaging, punchy video with animated text and stock, takes viewers on a journey through social proof!

The Most Liked TikToks of 2021

With a total of 1 billion users in 2021, TikTok has overtaken tech giant, Google as the most popular website of the year. TikTok has revolutionised the way that information can be digested and shared amongst audiences all over the world. But, do you know which TikToks were the most liked in 2021?

How to Ace Your Branding!

Branding is an essential part of every business and it is so important that you build a strong, memorable and iconic one but, with so many companies already out there, how can you ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and your competitors?

A Christmas Message from Our MD

So Christmas 2021 may not be quite what we had planned, but we can look to 2022 and feel positive that though we aren’t out of the woods yet, with some caution and careful planning, we can make sure the New Year is an even better year.

Editing Techniques

When it comes to professional filmmaking, be it a music video, TV commercial or any other type of live action video, it’s not just about the filming. In fact, we’d say that’s only half the job!

How Long Should a Corporate Video Be?

Are You In Need of a Corporate Video for Your Business? Videos are becoming an essential tool for businesses worldwide. Corporate Videos have a way of motivating and influencing viewers in a way that no other medium can. They give clients and potential new customers, a deeper insight into your company; highlighting who you are,

Our YouTube Advert is LIVE!

We are launching our first ever YouTube advert!  We have created many YouTube adverts for our clients but we’ve never produced our own! So we thought, why the hell not?  We are super excited to announce our advert goes live on YouTube today, so keep an eye out for it! We hope to push it

Leaving the Tarmac | Case Study

Leaving The Tarmac: Buying a Bank in Africa is a financial thriller written by Aig Aig-Imoukhuede about his struggles as well as his path to success. Aig-Imoukhuede and Wigwe bought Access Bank in 2002 and it was one of the smallest and most crisis-prone banks in Nigeria. Their ultimate goal was to build it into